292 Nawala Road, Nawala

Nawala isn't a bad place for eating out. While you won't get the high end elegance of Colpetty or five star buffet spreads, amidst all the toilet and tile shops exists a pretty decent selection of affordable eateries: Steam Boat, Sovereign German Restaurant, Machan and Crossroads to name, well, most of them - but compare to the grand choice between Pizza Hut, KFC or McDonald's you'd get in Nugegoda.

Crossroads, run by Tasty Caterers, is a good restaurant, albeit highly seasoned (ie, can be very salty). With a funny menu dancing across a variety of cuisines (Thai, Western, Mexican, Italian, Sri Lankan) the food, while not authentic, lives up to the name of its proprietors and actually is quite tasty. As well as affordable. The average dish here costs around Rs. 750 - and the portions are all pretty hefty. We're particularly fond of the chicken fajita (Rs. 750). Unlike the half hearted chicken and veg wraps that are usually passed off for fajitas in this country, the wrap served here is packed to the brim with Mexican flavour. Stuffed full of chicken, kidney beans and cheese, the chicken is prepared chilli con carne style. Very oozy, with lots of chilli powder and tender pieces of meat. Served with a good dollop of sour cream, each bite is messy and delicious.

Veering toward the Italian side of the menu we also tried the spaghetti carbonara (Rs. 700). This is a tricky dish to get right and it's rarely done well in Sri Lanka. Crossroads didn't really come close in terms of authenticity, but still managed to pull off a deliciously cheesy tangle of pasta drowning in cream, parmesan and bacon.

However, as mentioned in the comments, Crossroads food can be a bit salty for some. For the Sri Lankan palate this is sometimes OK, but for some it may be too much.

As with most Tasty outlets, the restaurant includes a section where you can purchase short-eats or lunchtime rice and curry. We've had the Tasty rice before and it's pretty good. The Crossroads restaurant, however, offers more variety than your average Tasty outlet and the venue, while simple, is clean and pleasant enough - dining outside in the evening, however, might offer a more picturesque option. This is good food in Nawala. The chicken fajita, in particular, excellent.



The drinks at Crossroads are more exciting than your usual Fanta-Coke-EGB selection. We'd recommend the berry and berry smoothie (Rs. 230), this is thick and yoghurty with just a hint of banana and lots and lots of berries. Also good is the St. Clements, a fizzy blackcurrant cordial and sprite (?) concoction (Rs. 175). They don't serve alcohol.


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  • Oshada

    Nice, I wish I still lived down Temple Rd. Immense nostalgia

    30 January 2013 04:26 AM Reply
  • Omar

    Food was not property prepared. Service is terrible for the price.

    09 March 2013 08:10 AM Reply
  • Sandy

    overpriced for a mediocre place

    13 March 2013 05:02 AM Reply
  • ChrishanthaJayasinghe-cj

    They also have excellent hoppers which you can take away. Along with a pretty good prawn curry. They did not take credit cards before which was a major pain. Though that might have changed by now.

    18 March 2013 08:12 AM Reply
  • Nimal

    Take away is ok. Restaurant is a crappy place. Food is really overpriced.

    22 March 2013 01:09 AM Reply
  • viran

    is it proper bacon or "chicken bacon"?

    22 March 2013 07:38 AM Reply
  • Ruks

    Good food in ample portions.Bit pricy but well worth it.I think its value for money.Been going here alot. and the staff is very nice and friendly problem is the small parking area.Had to drive by several times just because there was no parking.Their burrito is a must try

    22 April 2013 08:47 AM Reply
  • ZenaliGunasekara

    Nice place to visit with the family…

    02 May 2013 01:57 AM Reply
  • Lakmini

    Place is pretty good I like the Food there and I enjoy the taste. But the bad side is the short eats and snacks they sell in the night are spoiled most of the time. It happened to me two times. Once I bought a submarine and it was spoiled and today I bought a pizza it was spoiled too.

    20 June 2013 11:14 AM Reply
  • Naz

    They still don't take credit cards. Ridiculous in this day and age.

    11 September 2013 03:54 PM Reply
  • Ayn

    They do take credit cards, I buy a lot of eclairs from there. There is only one machine though, in the restaurant section and they often smilingly plead that you pay by cash.

    12 September 2013 04:10 AM Reply
  • Nalin

    We went after reading the review since its near impossible to find decent fajitas here.

    So we tried the fajitas as recommended by Yamu, but they were super salty - reluctantly ate the meal - the appetizer was a prawn item and it was great. The main which i what we went for was a disappointment since it was just extremely salty. That sort of mistake at that price should not ideally happen either - if roadside, totally acceptable! The salsas served were also very salty so whoever was cooking just cant salt right.

    If you are used to high salt then this is definitely the place for you! Just killing to eat that much salt in a meal to be very honest knowing what over-consumption does to your health.

    We didnt bother sending the plates back either as we might as well have walked out…

    They forgot one of our juices also but we didn't mind since we were quite full and didnt want to donate more money to this place. I just made up my mind there and then 'never again' for crossroads unless its to try their hoppers…

    We paid with a card so they do accept CCs.

    15 September 2013 08:33 AM Reply
  • AkilaChand

    Dine-in is a bit pricey… but have to agree with the review. The food is tasty and quite suiting to the Sri Lankan palate. Kotthu and hoppers available for take away is a must-try as well… They do accept credit cards now.

    21 September 2013 04:41 AM Reply
  • AkilaChand

    Dine-in is a bit pricey… but have to agree with the review. The food is tasty and quite suiting to the Sri Lankan palate. Kotthu and hoppers available for take away is a must-try as well… They do accept credit cards now.

    21 September 2013 04:41 AM Reply