Hansa Coffee

24 Fife Road, Colombo 5 

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This little coffeeshop on Fife road is really a breath of fresh air. More accurately, a breath heavy with the scent of freshly brewed coffee. It's really just a hole in the wall but its lack of pretension, excellent local coffee and reasonable prices (Rupees 100-200 for any conceivable sort of coffee) are a slap in the face to Colombo’s larger, overpriced mediocrity-peddling, Starbucks imitation coffee houses.

It's run by the people behind Hansa coffee whose packets of ground coffee (now available at all major supermarkets) have turned Sri Lankan coffee from something of a joke to a serious business. Certainly the coffee they brew using their own coffee at the café can be world-class.

The owners are clearly passionate about coffee (they do own a coffee company) and the offerings are more variety – Thai iced coffee, coffee with condensed milk, various spiced coffees - than at other Colombo Cafes. This is also the only café in the city in which you won’t feel ashamed to order something as simple as a milk coffee (Rs. 125).

The interior, while tiny, is cosy and a pleasant enough space to while away a few hours. The good food is also worth lingering for, the fresh and tasty brownies are Rs. 125 and you can order toasted sandwiches to line your stomachs.

Fundamentally it’s a chilled out space with good local coffee at a reasonable price and its probably the only such place in the city so Yamu give it two thumbs up.

Note: While we do love the Hansa concept it must be noted that their execution isn’t pitch-perfect. Their plain coffee for example is usually excellent but at times is much too weak. Timing seems to be a key factor, the waiter on duty in the evenings seems far more able than the one on duty in the afternoon. The mornings, when the owners seem to be there, are good too.

Suggestion: Would it kill you to stay open a bit later on a Friday and Saturday – maybe till 9? And either improve the aircon or get rid of it and install a proper ceiling fan.

Read another review in the Sunday Times.


The cappuccino is consistently good (you wont believe its made with local coffee) and the brownies are worth the price. The bags of Hansa coffee which they ground for you are excellent and seem to taste better than what you can buy at the supermarket.


  • Ruks

    Hands Down THE BEST coffee I have ever had! no cream,no toppings.Just pure bliss!! Their pol sambol toast was sooo good.Got packet of coffee to go.and Im loving every sip of it

    5 February 2013
  • prasannah

    I used to buy their Coffee from super market for my coffee machine. I think that was one of the reasonable Coffee machine friendly ground coffee available for locals. Others wont stand a chance.

    1 March 2013
  • Dimuthu

    I did a comparison plain espresso (without sugar) of both Hansa Coffee(pure arabica) and Lavazza with my saeco espresso machine. Honestly Hansa coffee tasted more burnt taste (over roasted) and had very less aroma and crema compared to lavazza. I don't know they may be use different coffees in their coffee shop. btw Hansa coffee 100g was 285/= and the lavazza 200g around 1700/= so there is a huge price gap.

    11 May 2013
  • nitpicker

    There is a new air conditioner.

    11 December 2013








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  • Samurdha: The Nutella Shake is absolute heaven!
  • Abishekbharan: Chocolate drink and coffees and brownies are good but they don't accept cards
  • Abdul-Halik: Try their hot chocolate touched with cinnamon.
  • Disal: Hot chocolate is to die for :P
  • Wasundara: Best coffee and brownies !!!!
  • Kisan: Try the chocolate bars..if you are lucky enough to get your hands on them!
  • Theerga: A cozy place to be with friends and enjoy great ranges of superb coffee!!

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