ikman.lk has fast become Sri Lanka's top classifieds website. They are actually a Swedish/Dubai company (Saltside) which is doing exactly the same site in Pakistan and Bangladesh - essentially an anything but India strategy. But who cares about that? How's the site?

ikman.lk has what matters for classifieds - scale. You can actually find anything there, from puppies to property. The only weakness is that there's no advanced search. You can't, for example, find a rental in Colpetty for Rs. 30-50,000. You just have to wade through lists of stuff, and since the site is so big it's hard to get to what's relevant and/or good.

But that's a good problem to have, and it can be addictive to scroll through mad listings. Lanka Property Web is still better for property and HitAd is still kicking in print, but if you want to buy or sell anything, ikman.lk is the new kid that has marketing money and scale.



Be cautious when making deals, you're still buying from individuals, not a company


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