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ODEL 5 Alexandra Place, Colombo 7 

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We’ve covered Il-Gelato before for Fro-Yo purposes but the city’s best (I’m putting it out there) ice-cream parlour deserves a more detailed exploration. This place serves very good ice-cream and, unusually for SL, has maintained high standards for over a decade.  The cream-based chocolate and nut flavours are particularly excellent (I recommend Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut and Pistachio) while the lighter more sorbet-consistency fruit flavours (go for passion fruit and fruits of the forest) are sharp and refreshing.

Really at the main branches – Duplication Road at the Lauries road corner and Odels   you get consistently world class ice cream.  It’s owned by Italians and tastes like real Italian Gelato to me…

The Duplication Road branch is also opened quite late so till midnight on Friday and Saturday night you can avail yourself of Italian-standard gelato- this is really a great amenity and makes this hot city that much more liveable.  But while Il-Gelato’s efforts to serve Colombo’s sweltering citizens great ice cream is appreciated there’s a problem with their creamy perfection; the price.

Il Gelato is expensive; at Rs 200 a cup it’s a dent in your wallet and the cones are 300!.  For a scoop of ice cream it struggles to be worth it even though it’s a class above for the price of a scoop you can buy a tub of Elephant house or Highland.  Sometimes though you really don’t want a tub oh Highland you want you want rich and delicious cold cream that’s a dessert in itself and not just a functional  base for milk shakes.  When the craving for high quality ice cream does strikes Il Gelato’s is your best option( much superior to Baskin Robins and better than a badly stored Hagen Dasz tub from Cargills). But you do need to confront the price.


To get value for money from your visit to Colombo’s best Italian Ice Cream Parlour my suggestion is to always get a Sundae. While 300 rupees for a cone is ludicrous the Sundaes which have 3 scoops of ice cream are Rs 550. That includes added trimmings like marron glaces, piles of whipped cream and chocolate sauce which enhances the value factor.    You can chose your flavours and share a sundae between two and I suspect you’ll leave satisfied.  The Banana split, and Marron Glace Sundae are my favourites.

For simple ice cream satisfaction – go for a banana split with one scoop of Nocciola, one of dark chocolate and one of ameretto.  Again each flavour is really distinct and the taste of  hazelnut, amareto or pistachio really comes through. Slathered with cream and chocolate sauce this is a pretty perfect cooling confection.

... [SHRU'S REVIEW, September 21, 2012]

Having sampled the frozen yoghurt at both Aviraté Café and Yo-Mo the final contendor in Colombo's triumvirate of froyos remained Il Gelato.

Il Gelato sells ice cream - about 16 different flavours - and has an outlet at ODEL as well as a branch on Duplication Road. We've had their ice cream before and always liked it, but never got round to trying the yoghurt.

They sell one flavour - plain - but it's really quite good. The yoghurt is nice and tart, and not too ice-creamy as can sometimes be the case with frozen yoghurt. It's not cheap though - one scoop cost a surprising Rs. 240. We also had a scoop of the fruits of the forest. This is a delicious delicious ice cream, nice and tangy and full of berries, but at Rs. 320 for a scoop it's just too expensive. Who can afford that? You can get a litre of Kotmale for like Rs. 200.

The froyo at Il Gelato is good, really good. We might even like it best out of the three despite the lack of other flavours, but it's still far too expensive for such a tiny treat. Stick with Yo-Mo. It's tasty and affordable.


You get a 25% discount if paying with an HSBC Premier card - but then if you own one of those it's unlikely you actually need the discount.


  • Ruthinsir

    Tsk Tsk Kotmale ice cream, shru ? :)

    23 September 2012
  • Ruthinsir

    You're absolutely right though, 1 L delicious creamy Kotmale ice cream >> Measly scoop of overpriced I.G. ice cream.

    23 September 2012
  • rumi

    Roger that. Il Gelato is good, no doubt, but way overpriced. It's not worth the money. You can buy 3 local ice cream tubs for the price of one Il Gelato. Place is good for millionaires only.

    25 September 2012
  • D

    While it is expensive, their white chocolate ice cream is to die for and i am happily willing to part with my money for a scoop of white chocolate ice cream! :)

    30 November 2012
  • Jeeves

    Has anyone been to the Il Gelato at 7 Storey Ranjanas? How is the ambiance.

    28 May 2013
  • Niro

    There is a small Italian joint in Negombo called Dolce Vita they make ice cream really good stuff very reasonable too

    11 June 2013
  • Sasha

    As a person visiting from abroad, Rs. 200 for a scoop of ice-cream is pretty cheap compared to the ice-cream we buy that cost about $4 -$5 . So in my opinion, it is definitely worth the price. Quit whining people.

    1 January 2014
  • iesh

    the scoops are getting smaller and smaller while the prices remains ones wallet in tears… every ice cream addicts worse nightmare

    4 January 2014
  • Kit

    Yamu, you have to go and try out that new gelato place on Havelock road! I think its called Caramello. Go go go

    17 January 2014
  • hamidahflores

    Is this place Halal???

    2 February 2014








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  • Nagul Nirosh: Bit expensive..!! But taste yummy..!!
  • Dilakshi: Their mint is actually good! Wayyy better! And this is coming from a mint-ice cream-not-much-of-fan *definitely not like eating toothpaste*
  • Sameera: Not bad.. :-)
  • Manesha: One word!!! YUM!!!
  • Lalinda: If you want quality ice cream (Gelato), best place to go :)
  • James: Try white choco! mmmm

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