Kapruka Global Shop

302 Galle Road, Colombo 4

Kapruka global shop connects Sri Lankans to giant US merchants like Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and others. They take a 5% commission for having it shipped down to Sri Lanka and mailed to your door - of course you still have to pay for the shipping and clearance from customs. What Kapruka offers is an easy and convenient way to shop online.

Honestly, its the strangest thing ever - a physical shop in Sri Lanka that enables anyone here to buy anything from US? At first it seems counter-intuitive - why would you pay someone else to get something from Amazon or eBay? But when you think about it, this makes sense.

The biggest problems we face with buying stuff from US is shipping and paying the customs duties - these guys take care of all of that. Their shipping charges are also quite cheap – starting at a few dollars per pound, or $15 fixed sea freight, regardless of size and weight.

Kapruka enables you to get almost anything available in the US market (as long as it's legal to ship to Sri Lanka), including items that US retailers don’t offer international shipping on. They also include the US warranty, and offer to return to the seller in the event of a problem.

Real time access to US markets means that Sri Lanka is finally catching up with the online shopping trend - this is great news for anyone who's been praying for some technological progress. And a 5% commission sounds quite reasonable.

The only thing you should be aware of is that while Kapruka tends to have your things shipped quickly, Sri Lanka Customs will still take their own time to process shipments and this can cause delays. Having said that, this is still a cheaper and quicker alternative from getting it down yourself, plus they provide a guarantee.

A small heads up - make sure your products are compatible with local standards before buying (US TV's are usually NTSC, and domestic electrical devices in particular, tend to run on 110v) and check their Facebook Page for special deals.



If you have no time to visit their store, you can use their Online Price Checker for a quote.


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  • nfn

    Dear Guys,
    Please dont buy from these guys. I ordered 2 items and now its about 8 weeks, but still
    I havent got my things. Worst part of it is… these guys are lying to you with no shame. They
    just promise you that you will get your stuff today or tomorrow but all cold lies… and I have being
    listening to these lies for about a month from these guys. Where are the customers rights…? I'm in the verge of thinking whether there is a place to make complaints. Wow… the worst experience ever from a online buying forum. The best advice from my first hand experience… STAY AWAY!!!

    25 September 2013 01:20 AM Reply
  • Dana

    I think they do a superb job! thumbs up guys keep up the good work…

    25 September 2013 06:13 AM Reply
  • KaprukaScamVictim

    Warning to everyone: Kapruka Global Shop doesn't deliver items quickly as advertised. Normally they take 1-3 months. Never believe words of customer-care agents. They will tell that "your item is currently at customs clearing and get within next week", when its still at US.

    Google "kapruka global shop scam" you will find some victims of them.

    03 October 2013 11:48 PM Reply
  • sadcustomer

    check this b4 you decide you buy from these buggers. - http://www.elakiri.com/forum/showthread.php ?t=1574384

    04 October 2013 01:17 AM Reply
  • Nuwan

    I ordered a few products…. One item got delayed a few days-Staff said there was a minor shipping issue and were apologetic.I think it was OK as the price I payed was very low compared to Sri Lanka price.

    06 October 2013 01:35 PM Reply
  • Kanishka

    I ordered a book from amazon.com via kapruka. I got book with 6-7 weeks, but the problem is worst customer care support. They don't respond for calls. We have to waste 20-30 mins to get an answer. Makesure you use social media account such as facebook or twitter to get a reply from kapruka. They should care customers, if they want to expand this service.

    10 October 2013 02:51 AM Reply
  • Aruna

    Dont buy from them. they simply take your money, delay your item, and after 2-3 months will say, item was lost in shipment and refund you. but for that 2-3 months they have invested your money and earn the interest. clever bastards.

    and for that 2-3 months they will lie to you saying, item arrived but stuck in custom or item arrived but had to return it due to some document issue, etc. after while they will simply stop answering phone calls.
    Same thing happen to lot of people. there is a large discussion thread is going on about this scam, in elakiri.com

    below is the link.
    http://www.elakiri.com/forum/showthread.php ?t=1574384

    13 October 2013 07:59 AM Reply
  • Tharindu

    I ordered a pair of binoculars from ebay, their charge was only 5%. the seller was out of stock for the unit I wanted so they upgraded my order to a more expensive model for free. Due to this the order took a few days extra to arrive but I dont mind as the Same binoculars cost 3 times more in Sri lanka

    14 October 2013 12:12 PM Reply
  • Emmanuel

    @Tharidu did you get the binoculars ? If so How long did it take?

    15 October 2013 12:08 PM Reply
  • akalanka

    very bad customer service don't ever buy from kapruka global shop i had a bad experience with them.

    17 October 2013 09:29 AM Reply
  • evon

    from CEO to customer care people they all lie to you about shipments arriving this week you well get ur iteam this week bla bla bla for months.guys be aware of this bunch of scammers

    17 October 2013 09:35 AM Reply
  • Hyro

    Same story here

    Ordered 2 items. One has been over 2 months & they dont even know where it is !!! asked for a refund. The 2nd item is going on a month & not recived yet. The saddest part is they lie through their teeth saying the item is with customs & they werent able to clear it. They told me this lie for about 2 weeks then they say they dont know what happened to the item.

    A Bunch of armatures, time wasters & damn liears. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM !!

    28 October 2013 02:50 PM Reply
  • Tharindu

    Yes I got my Binoculars. I ordered quite a few products. One or two got delayed but I don't mind. End of the day they got my stuff to me at bargain prices compared to the local prices.

    31 October 2013 06:05 AM Reply
  • SG

    I made three orders with them. first was delayed BUT other two was on time.

    01 November 2013 01:40 PM Reply
  • sanji

    I ordered 4 books and they came super fast from them. The next order( iPhone cover) took two weeks to arrive.not bad and prices are low so i didn't mind waiting.

    01 November 2013 02:15 PM Reply
  • Desilva

    Don't buy anything from kapruka.i never Oder agin.

    03 November 2013 08:53 AM Reply
  • Aruna

    So, as you can see. they will deliver low cost items within the agreed time. when the item is expensive,they will begin to delay it, until customer ask for refund.
    seems to me is, for low cost items it is not profitable for them to delay the item and invest that small amount of money. but if item is expensive kapruka can earn interest for the money by investing it in some bank or somewhere else for 2-3 months. so they will keep delaying your item.

    03 November 2013 10:01 AM Reply
  • SunilT

    I suggest people not to buy off Kapruka, A few of my friends have ordered multiple times and even waited 2 1/2 months but never recieved the product, I infact ordered 2-3 items and was compelled to get a refund because they weren't delivering it as promised, it started me to think what's going on here, in fact what's going on being in the Banking sector is, that they are earning interest out of interest while keeping and delaying your item, they are earning money off by just investing it in interest bearing accounts.

    This obviously is casual for them, and upon saying that you waited more than 1 1/2 months or so, they have no objective refunding, but the pace of refunding is so simple, just made me think that they are running a full breed scam, having an open website and having millions of money coming in non delivered, and the only way they can earn just by taking our money!

    You will be regulated to the Central Bank in the near future, Mark My Words!

    04 November 2013 02:40 PM Reply
  • Suren

    Ordered an invicta watch and it arrived in 2 weeks. Staff were friendly and helpful. I had trouble locating them, they are located next to the 7 stories fashion outlet on Galle road.

    08 November 2013 06:26 AM Reply
  • Jaz

    I ordered a few books and a phone case from amazon through them. The Books came in two weeks, phone case took a week extra. Kapruka shipped the books first, then the case when it arrived.

    09 November 2013 09:15 PM Reply
  • Saks

    Got a nexus 4 from the. It was a great deal but I should have waited for nexus 5 . In a way I dont mind as the nexus 4 is fine. I paid online and they delivered.

    11 November 2013 09:43 AM Reply
  • Dylan

    Worst customers service and false advertising at its best. Took 2 months after ordering an item and finally to say that, item was lost during shipment. What kind of garbage is that? It's better to order from local websites paying a little extra than waiting for weeks, months to get an item from these fools.

    To name a few, for food I would definitely go with quickee.lk since so far I haven't had any delays or issues (just hope they add more menus). For any person care items - shavers, dryers,etc., electronics - tv's, refrigerators, etc., & watches, I would recommend www.wasi.lk as they have next day delivery island-wide and do provide the agent warranty as well. For mobile phones would recommend laabai.lk as their pricing is pretty low and provide guarantees.

    I would avoid mydeal.lk as they sell garbage quality items sourced from pettah, and anything.lk is a mess, as they don't ship items on time, and falsely advertise as 'in-stock' to tell later after ordering that we'll have to wait for 2 weeks to get the item.

    12 November 2013 06:55 AM Reply
  • mcpguy

    Yes, I felt worried and was waiting for my orders for two months. But when I contact their office, they solved it immediately. It seems they faced some issues on the delivery in US due to the warehouse change.

    29 November 2013 04:45 AM Reply
  • DK

    I ordered a kindle which got delayed by over a month and the excuse from their head of Marketing was that DHL had mistakenly shipped it to Germany and that problem was out of their control! they sent me the tracking number as evidence. which just gave details of a parcel that had gone to Germany! A bit of browsing at this stage showed me many customers with the same complaints where Kapruka has blamed DHL with tracking numbers for the long delays in their orders.
    At this point I cancelled my order and got a refund because of the lack of professionalism and the accountability of Kapruka meant suggest that they may not accept any responsibility for any damage caused to the goods under their watch.
    Bottom line: don't order valuables through them/ don't order anything for which you are not prepared to wait for a long time.

    04 December 2013 01:10 AM Reply
  • SCAM

    Ordered a gaming mouse on 15th November and their tracking page displays that the Item has arrived at their Global Shit Shop, that was 3rd December. Called them on Friday they said they're on the way right now and somehow they never came. Called yesterday (Saturday) and same thing again… I even called at around 10 PM… Yes PM, they still said "We're on our way right now, sir"… WHAT? At 10PM ? From Friday till saturday what do they use to deliver? A cart with just one disabled old Harakek? o.O and I'm still waiting… Today they said they're at Nugegoda in the morning… I wonder where they are now… Passing Nugegoda Junction?

    08 December 2013 02:52 AM Reply
  • enrasi

    This post is funny. Don't go with Kapruka ever.

    07 January 2014 06:05 AM Reply
  • cBandara

    You will never get your items ordered from Kapruka Global shop, refrain from wasting your time and money, the few less individuals who had received there stuff and boast about it, is apparently kapruka's or Dulith Kapruka's CEO's friends, Learn the truth.

    09 January 2014 03:02 PM Reply
  • Ravi

    I ordered a item one month a go to be air freighted but still its not been shipped. Very disappointed about their service. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. RATHER DIRECTLY ORDER AND YOU WILL GET A BETTER TAX RATE TOO. SINCE ANYWAY UR PAYING TAXES.

    15 January 2014 10:28 PM Reply
  • Harsha

    Where are my items. It s over a month now. Customer service people doesnt respond to queries. POOR SERVICE

    30 January 2014 06:57 AM Reply
  • Christine

    i wil not shop with Kapruka global again. My item has, according to their website been in Sri Lanka since Feb 3, 2014. Not update since then despite 2 calls and 2 emails to customer care. Very disappointing. I air shipped so as to get the item in 3 weeks and now it is in Sri Lanka for 3 weeks.

    19 February 2014 09:19 PM Reply
  • Dilum

    What they are doing is, they dont order from the eBay seller as long as you pay money for them. They added 2 records and send 2 SMSs to customer that they have ordered an item. But it is a totally a lie. After that they dont send you anything. May be they invest that money somewhere. Their tracking system is to track their lies among their staff members. If you can call them each day you can get different answers every day. Someone says it is not received from the seller, someone says it is in their US shop, someone says it is shipped to SL, someone says it is with the custom to clear. So after customer ask for the item, they always postpone it providing various reason. If the customer is a urgent one, they are kind enough to refund the money or otherwise it would be a court case. If it takes more than two month, and customer badly need it, they order it from eBay. So the price of the item might have reduced and they can get advantage of it also. After two or three months they can deliver the item and somehow make the customer happy. But some small number of selected customers they deliver on time to show that they are good. Still they dont steal your money, but they waste your time. They dont care whether time is important to some customers like money.

    26 February 2014 08:48 PM Reply
  • Ravi

    Kapruka should be prosecuted. I ordered a item worth over 100 dollars. and they said that it will be shipped for 2 months. And when I asked for a refund they said they will refund but they didnt. When I repeatedly called them they said that the refund should come through but refuse to give me a transaction ID for the refund. I am pretty sure that they did not refund the money and just telling lies when I call…

    06 March 2014 10:01 AM Reply

    Yes. I'm also one of the affected customer from this cheating people. It is more than 5 months I made an order at them. Every time there is a reason for the delay when I visit their place in Bambalapitiya. Finally they agreed for a refund on last month. Nothing happened until now.


    17 March 2014 03:40 AM Reply
  • Victim

    don't get cheated with their f***** deals. totally scam. i also a victim

    05 April 2014 02:32 AM Reply
  • qwerty

    i used to work in kapruka. there's no such thing as investing your money or getting things delayed on purpose. but being truthful items getting delayed are actually out of their control. they have an office in US. they make the order on behalf of you. So usually it takes some time for the item to get delivered from EBAY TO KAPRUKA US OFFICE. and then the kapruka US office puts the item for shipment through DHL or UPS. it's true that things are getting alot delayed but guys something is better than nothing and it's not an easy task. there are things that EBAY does not ship to SL. and they give you a money back guarantee that you will get the item. Even though they mention a time frame they can not really get everything in that time frame due SOOO many reasons. i have no right to speak on behalf of them since i have resigned from them. but just wanted to let you all know that theres no scam or whatsoever. and specially the senior managers are working their ass off to get the global shop items delivered within the time frame they promised.
    and just to mention there are some SO Sri lankan A-holes who make fraud orders with robbed credit cards etc, so they have to take that risk also. because when the owner disputes the transaction they might have ordered item already so they will have to pay ebay etc so it was partially sri lankans fault that they tried to abuse a this much valuable service.

    and about the tracking, the shipment is tracked through the DHL tracking and SL customs never works on time unless they are bribed.
    the things getting late is true except for that theres nothing wrong in their service. guys just be patient. and dont order things if u need them withing days cz you have to remember that its not a quick process to get these items to here all the way from US WHILE guaranteeing the item quality and all.

    05 April 2014 11:11 AM Reply
  • shehan

    i ordered nexus 5 on 6th of April,still didn't get the item.
    i'm really worry now,what to do :(
    i don't buy anything again from kapruka
    i thought these guys doing great job, actually they said the item will be delivered with in 3 weeks.
    but they are lie to me
    i'm very disappointing

    11 May 2014 04:15 AM Reply
  • AhamedIshak

    Oh god… This thread is very helpful. I just saved my money. I try to buy a complete high-end gaming pc from amazon through kapruka… Now I'm not going to buy it…. Thank you for everyone…

    09 June 2014 07:32 AM Reply
  • Chandanie

    Ordered some stuff from Kapruka, got it within 4 weeks. Good services with regular smss informing of the status of the order. Good customer care. Will definitely use this again.

    24 June 2014 07:28 PM Reply
  • Thaw

    I placed an order on June 2nd. And then when I got home I started reading all the negative comments here on YAMU and began to panic. I assumed I was going to endure the same fate as the rest.

    But, things were not so bad after all. And here is my honest opinion. Having placed an order on June 2nd, the products came into my hands on the 27th of June. Thats around 25 days. If you take away the weekends, its roughly 20 days. Now, for a person like me who really didn't care about the waiting time, I am fine with this. But Kapruka, you need to improve!

    Here is some serious advice to you guys at Kapruka! You guys need to organise yourselves and improve your efficiency. Its such a pity because the service you provide is such a brilliant idea but your execution is pathetic. If you think you guys are the sole provider of this service and have the upper-hand, don't be fooled, all it takes is a few days for a competitor to walk in and chuck you out of the market.

    As per the tracking data your'll provided, my products were stuck in Sri Lanka customs for more than 10 days, and as far as I'm concerned thats extremely shameful. We live in a world where everything needs to happen at pace and if you cant work out a way to get my products cleared within 1-2 working days, I would definitely consider your'l as useless! 

    When I visited your outlet to collect my goods, all I could see was a major mess happening! A mess with products piled up here and there and your staff playing "find the product!" Get yourself organized Kapruka and you will have much more business! 


    28 June 2014 02:44 AM Reply
  • Mindika

    Do not buy things from the Kapruka GS. I ordered some items and they take 02 months but they missed some also. . DO NOT GO TO KAPRUKA !!!! Please find some customer reviews before you go to Kapruka !!!!

    17 July 2014 02:33 PM Reply
  • Foodie

    After reading your latest flop (blog article) on the cupcake taste off. I checked out some of your other posts … and wasn't surprised when I found this one where you've highly rated the"KAPRUKA GLOBAL SCAM" as 4 stars!! YAMU If you rate people you should really know what your talking. KAPRUKA GLOBAL SHOP IS A SCAM… and you should read the thread about what a scam it is on elakiri.com as pointed out by others above…

    07 August 2014 11:32 PM Reply
  • Jay

    Got a set of Alloy wheels worth of 100k down through the global shop ebay delivery service. Items were delivered within 6-7 weeks without any hassle. Highly pleased with the convenience and cost efficiencies achieved! Keep up the good work

    12 September 2014 03:10 AM Reply
  • kmalitha

    Scammers. Don't buy!!! stay away. Horrible customer service

    26 October 2014 03:08 AM Reply
  • Bad

    Very bad customer service on the phone!

    26 October 2014 10:04 AM Reply
  • Karen

    OMG…!! I just saw the comments… you guys are such loosers.!! I recently ordered some items through amazon & kapruka charged only 5% & i recieved the item in 14 days. It is true that sometimes that the items get late & itz coz of the customs. SL customs are the culprits. those buggers take their own time to clear the items & kapruka gets the blame. I suggest to the people who give negetives comments to go on their own to the customs & try to clear the goods coz then you feel the correct situation. For Me Kapruka is the best service that we can get in SL. Cheers.!

    14 November 2014 12:49 PM Reply
  • Starscream

    I completely disagree with all these comments.
    Kapruka GS offers brilliant service! they regularly keep you posted on the status of your order, from placement to delivery; they are super professional. My Amazon order got here in about 3 weeks.
    Although their phone lines tend to be constantly 'jammed'.

    I HIGHLY recommend Kapruka!

    20 November 2014 09:10 AM Reply
  • niranjan

    I am still waiting for some US magazines that I ordered from them. It is over 2 months now. I have told them to cancel the order. However, they did deliver two of them, but the rest is yet to come. Earlier I got down some books and those arrived in time(in 3 weeks).

    19 November 2014 01:01 PM Reply
  • niranjan

    I guess it is best to order magazines through airfreight from Kapruka. That way you will receive them sooner.

    27 November 2014 03:44 PM Reply
  • perera

    I ordered an iphone(from ebay) through kapruka month ago. I was waiting for my phone for 3 weeks. Didn't get it… Not even updates!!…As i didn't even get a single update, I emailed kapruka. Got a reply saying that "sorry for not updating but we got the item to US warehouse from ebay". And then another one saying that they changed the method they deliver and now they are directly sending me the item through a courier service to my home!! Asked me to get a refund for the Tax amount I paid to kapruka global shop initially and to pay for the courier when they ask for tax. Plus asked me to submit documents for TRC approval by myself!!! So basically I'm not getting any service from them, rather i have to deal with tax, TRC by myself, and should pay kapruka for their "service". Worst part is that in case of a defect item they won't refund you if it’s not a brand new item!!! (Not even for manufacturer refurbished) … And 2 days ago sent me another email saying that they have another issue obtaining clearance for lithium batteries from the courier… Still they haven't even shipped my phone from US … I'm thinking of getting legal action against them, So,
    1. Kapruka doesn't guarantee anything. So if ebay sellers gives you delivery options (even for phones and laptops), get the item from ebay directly. Because then you can get your item on time plus you have the paypal buyers protection. Kapruka is not a secured method for buyers anymore.
    2. You have to deal with Tax and TRC approval on your own. Kapruka doesn't do them for you anymore
    3. Unprofessional and inefficient. False advertising (delivery in 3 weeks), you have to email and nag them for updates.

    still after a month not even shipped!! worst online experience…

    16 January 2015 01:49 AM Reply
  • RTI

    Am not surprised at the bad experiences others have had since all I used Kapruka for was to order printouts of pictures online via their photo service. Again a seemingly convenient and simple idea, but they managed to screw this up as well when it comes to carrying it out. The website says they take 2-3 days when they actually take about 5 days to send you the pic. They conveniently fail to mention that their printouts are in gloss finish, which you can get on the spot from any photo establishment, and which is poorer in quality from the matt. When I called them up to find out if they produce in matt, they seemed not to know what I was talking about, and kept saying the printouts are 'normal' finish. They cropped one printout and when I tried to get them to reprint it according to the original, a ridiculous 10 day back and forth ensued where it seemed to be the staff (including those abroad) either had no idea what to do, or could not be bothered doing it. Fortunately this was all on email so the incompetence is on record. My request to communicate with a manager was ignored. Avoid this company and I cant believe Yamu has given them such a positive review.

    20 January 2015 06:39 PM Reply
  • Bingusara

    Hello everyone,
    Shipping is worthless with the tax and other charges applied. I tried to order a $99.99 power supply and just the tax was $ 51.32. Come on 50% tax??? Seriously?

    24 January 2015 11:27 PM Reply
  • Made the biggest mistake of purchasing something from kapruka. Ordered flowers for friends function. 3 days late and still not delivered. I cringe on the thought of th condition the flowers will reach in after 4 days

    01 February 2015 12:26 AM Reply
  • MG

    Bought an iphone 2 months ago. Still not even shipped from US and now they want to refund me after having my money for 2 months!! … One should be really lucky to get items on time… In my case i didn't get them at all… Avoid kapruka!!!

    01 February 2015 06:37 PM Reply
  • Aru

    I also had the same experience. I doubted the taxes are so high, and the service is really poor.

    01 February 2015 08:55 PM Reply
  • MG

    phew!!!! After i purchase my goods from these people i saw this article. And i Totally got freaked out and was like ok there goes my 40gs. any way most of the time shipping down stuff to sri lanka was a huge pain in the …… Finally my Sea freight Goods arrived LK after 10 weeks. they tel you they will deliver in 6-8 weeks. Any way the communication with customers is very very poor. if you cal 3 times you will hear 3 frigin stories. you pay you hard earned money to get something you like and get to hear some phone operator lying to you thinking like your have a brain of a guinea pig is not bearable. they should really improve there internal Communications. but i think they really don't care cause they have enough business. like most of the other companies in LK they run smoothly with out any growth. if you buy some thing light weight do a air freight. i think it might be faster. i may be check that out by getting down a ballpoint pen. then ill let yall kno if it works ;)

    04 June 2015 11:39 AM Reply
  • bad

    I believ the company is making profits from the high taxes the staffs quote you.

    04 June 2015 11:14 PM Reply
  • Thanuja

    I ordered one Cake for Mother's Day and they have charged me twice and have sent two cakes without my authorisation. As soon as I got the notification that they have charged for the 2nd time I tried calling around 10 times and mailed thrice saying that I didn't authorise the transaction and to cancel it. They never replied until 2 days to say that they already delivered and cannot refund. When I asked why I never heard from them. I have been a kapruka customer for 2 years with over 15 orders and will never order from them again and will advise everyone I know not to order from them. It has the WORST service EVER.

    06 June 2015 11:43 AM Reply
  • MydealsShit

    My deals is the worst. it is just shit

    24 June 2015 03:31 PM Reply
  • Hansika

    Just Bull$hit Service

    21 August 2015 02:47 PM Reply
  • Things have obviously changed because it has been more than 2 years since this service started or maybe they have read the comment section here in Yamu, but I had a totally different experience from what people here have gone through. Hell, I even had to make an account with Yamu to prove how wrong some people here are. I was absolutely reluctant at first to try this service but I really wanted somethings that were not available in SL. So let me share my experience with the Kapruka Global Shop:

    After scouring through items at Amazon, I finally made the list of items I wanted: (FYI I'm a student)
    1. ASUS Chromebook Flip: http://www.amazon.com/Chromebook-10-1-Inch-Convertible-Touchscreen-Rockchip/dp/B00ZS4HK0Q
    2. Amazon Basics Stylus: http://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Executive-Stylus-Touchscreen-Devices/dp/B008ULX012/ref=sr_1_2 ?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1450440353&sr=1-2&keywords
    3. Samsung EVO micro SD card 32GB: http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Class-Adapter-MB-MP32DA-AM/dp/B00IVPU786

    *Note- The prices at AMAZON were lower before I posted this comment.
    Also check the voltage etc. when purchasing things like laptops, coz sometimes the voltage varies, however, this laptop's adaptor works fine in SL.

    So, I sent them the links using the price checker tool and within the hour, I got a SMS and an email saying that they have priced it. Here is the link to a price check I made: http://www.kapruka.com/globalshop/price_cart.jsp ?id=1448967042728 I was actually pleased with the pricing. It's not that expensive at all, for what its worth.
    *Note- that the memory card in the link above is different coz the card in the list i made earlier was cheaper when I visited the Global Shop.

    Day 1-
    Yes, I had the choice to pay online, but I wanted to see the Global Shop for myself, so I went there on a Monday (1st December 2015), and I selected the items and then the representative showed me the taxes and shipping and the 5% charge. The total price was LKR43000 smthing, and so I paid less than 50% of the price as an advance( another reason why I chose this method over online paying, because you have a bit of security this way.) and I was issued an online tracking number to track my order. The order was placed with Amazon the same day.

    Day 2-
    However, nothing is perfect and Kapruka is no exception. I got a call from Kapruka saying that the laptop was out of stock and that I will have to send another link from another website. So I went to bhphotovideo.com and then sent the link to them. However, the price increased by 3K because the site, unlike Amazon charges local state taxes. I had mixed feelings about this, but I let it pass for the time being. The order status was updated to include the altered product.

    (Day 1-18)- check the order status screenshot here: https://goo.gl/Hzn20F

    So the laptop arrived 3 days earlier than the other 2 items. Not a problem.
    The laptop arrived in 15 days.
    The card and stylus arrived in 18 days.
    This was well within the time frame Kapruka had mentioned, which was 8-11 BUSINESS days from when they received the item back in the USA. Honestly, I was expecting it to come in January or something but I was surprised. The packages were in good condition too. So I paid the due amount and left, feeling happy, although I was quite not sure about the extra "tax" charge I mentioned earlier, but maybe they had nothing to do with it. :??!
    Anyways, I hope this clears all the doubts of some people and this service is worth it when you think about. I'm pretty sure that I couldn't find all those items for that cheap here in Sri Lanka.
    The final verdict: 4.5/5

    P.S.- And for those who care, I'm not affiliated with Kapruka in anyway. :)

    18 December 2015 06:20 PM Reply