Mount Lavinia Children's Park

Station Road, Mount Lavinia 

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This is quite possibly the nicest park space in Colombo, if you can get past the sometimes defensive security guards. The Mount Lavinia Children's Park is quite expressly for children, at least until four. Even then, certain activities (playing cricket or football for example) are banned. These rules, however, are part of what makes the space so peaceful. That plus the view.

Mount Lavinia's Children's Park Mount Lavinia's Children's Park

The park is perched above the Mount Lavinia Hotel and the ocean. It's a serene public space where you can hear and smell the sea but still be surrounded by green. They have a huge lawn, ample playground equipment, a full basketball court and even a small lending library.

Gazebo At Mount Lavinia's Children's Park Gazebo At Mount Lavinia's Children's Park

The Mount Lavinia Children's Park is open from 7 AM to 7 PM daily. As the name suggests, it's best to bring a kid.


Bring a child for easy entrance. Otherwise come after four. Check out the view of the ocean and the Mount Lavinia Hotel.


  • Mayya

    good place to a family with small kiddies to spend their evening….basketball court is available.

    28 April 2013








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