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No 56 Vaverset Place, Wellawatte 

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Yaal vs Yarl (they both mean Jaffna)

Another day another crab. Today I hit up Yaal Restaurant; the cleaner, brighter better ventilated rival of my beloved Yarl Eat House. Now I don't generally believe that scrupulous hygiene adds too much to food. Passable hygiene, solid customer demand and fresh food is usually enough for me. If you do like your tables gleaming, your waiters unstained and your food in a fancy metal thali, and not plonked straight onto a banana leaf, Yaal Restaurant is the place for you. It offers Jaffna food in Wellawatte without Yarl or Maiyuri's er... authentic? atmosphere.

The food is actually quite good - the set mutton lunch Rs. 450 was tasty but again not necessarily better than the same at a more street Wellawatte eatery. You're paying for the cleanliness and view of the sea but with good service and a fair amount of variety on the menu I didnt begrudge them their extra rupees. The prawn curry was actually very good but the real test was always going to be the crab. Would it really compare with my Yarl Eat House archetype?

A single specimen slathered in a rich and piping hot gravy was served. Once it cooled to a finger friendly temperature, I set to work and actually it was pretty yummy; sweet flesh and perhaps a better sauce than Yarl. However, the crab just didn't have the succulence of the Eat House, and no roe. I like roe. Why don't more people understand the indispensable tastiness of those delicious eggs? Still it was a respectable effort though at Rs 450, somewhat more expensive than the Eat House. However you do sweat less during a lunch time meal (where Yarl turns into a sauna) so I'm going to note this as a worthy lunch time crab stop.

The quality of the other dishes was also pretty high so I'd say definitely worth a visit for more than the crab.


 Prawn curry was good - nice juicy prawns


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  • DavidBlacker

    Try the mutton pittu kottu :)

    8 November 2012
  • Nalin1239

    They serve pretty decent Biriyani & Fried Rice too. But the waiters are not upto the standard of their food. Didn't got a chance to try crab but definitely gonna try next time.

    28 January 2013
  • Hesh

    Chillie crab is the best. Superb.!!

    19 February 2013
  • Haja

    Very good food absolutely love the flavors

    14 February 2014
  • Kaveesha

    After reading the good reviews on yamu I decided to visit Yaal. Unfortunately the food was tasteless. The prices were quite too high for a place like Yaal. It would cost the same to have a meal at an upscale restaurant. Very disappointed and will not be visiting this place again.

    11 April 2014








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  • Sanuja: Not bad for a change
  • SANDY: Try Gulab Jamnum... it was awesome
  • Isuru: Was amazing. I loved the curry crab. Very reasonable pricing.
  • iAra: Good lunch. Bada pirenta kawa :)
  • Megha: Loved the prawn varuwal - some sort of a spicy fry.
  • omae: Good food. Good prices. Veg and non-veg
  • Sushman: Situated right across the Wellawatte beach.

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