Saree jacket makers/dress makers in Kohuwala/Nugegoda/Dehiwala area?

Any good saree jacket makers in Kohuwala/Nugegoda/Dehiwala area? Not the 24 hr quick sewing people, but someone with good sewing skills. Thanks

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11 February 2013


  • Sam

    yes. Super market nugegoda top most floor 'Princess' Very good.

    19 February 2013
  • slnavy

    i think there is a lady at rathanapitiya.i have yet to go to her……will post the address here

    20 February 2013
  • slnavy

    thanks sam for the reply

    20 February 2013
  • Nish

    Email me with your requirements.

    13 March 2013
  • Lady

    @Sam:''yes. Super market nugegoda top most floor 'Princess' Very good."
    please dont ever think of going to the Super market dress maker , she is totally a witch at the day you want the thing she will tell "haven't even touched the material" which makes us at wits end
    and very unprofessional as she thinks she is doing a charity sawing us!!! she is the worst unprofessional lady i have ever gone to do stitching !!!! Don't recommend her to any one.

    8 November 2013
  • dil

    could you pls tell me where is the princess shop? which flor

    13 May 2014








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