The Biscuit Challenge - Munchee Vs. Maliban

Posted by on 11 October 2012
Munchee (Top) Vs. Maliban (Bottom) Munchee (Top) Vs. Maliban (Bottom)

The manufacture of biscuits is one of Sri Lanka's most profitable businesses. It's true, Sri Lankans love rice, chocolate milk, fizzy drinks - and biscuits.

But which biscuit to buy? Our leading competitor brands Munchee and Maliban make identical looking products that cost exactly the same - and even the companies' logos look similar (white font on red, both beginning with 'M'). So how do you decide which one to go for?

We picked five of the classics to compare, ie. the ones you'll most likely be offered by the aunties and achchis when you go visiting. Nice, Marie, Milk Shortcake, Lemon Puff and Chocolate Cream. Let's eat.




Munchee Nice Biscuit (Left) And Maliban Nice Biscuit (Right) Munchee Nice Biscuit (Left) And Maliban Nice Biscuit (Right)

The Nice biscuit is quite old, originating around the early 20th century, and you can get it pretty much anywhere in the world. It's a simple sort of biscuit, rectangular and flat, lightly coconut flavoured and sprinkled with large sugar crystals on the top. We honestly couldn't taste much of a difference between the two brands, but Munchee seemed just a little bit better. They both weigh the same and cost the same - so you'd be fine buying either. But we personally prefer the Munchee.

Munchee Rs. 40 (100g) We liked the Munchee Nice better, though honestly it's quite hard to tell them apart. You probably wouldn't notice much of a difference unless you were really looking for one. The Munchee (and we found this true in all cases) was just a bit more delicate - in this instance less sugary and coconutty. Maliban Rs. 40 (100g) The Maliban Nice tasted fine, pretty much how you'd expect it to. The biscuit seemed a little less sturdy than the Maliban however as it crumbled in the packet quite easily, making quite a mess. It was also alot sweeter than the Munchee, with more sugar crystals on the top.



Marie Biscuits Marie Biscuits

This is an even older biscuit, being created in Britain in the late 19th century to commemorate the marriage of the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia to the Duke of Edinburgh. It's pretty popular throughout Asia, and you get lots of different varieties (chocolate Marie, orange Marie, etc.) This is the classic tea-dunking biscuit. It's round and hard, flavoured gently with vanilla and a bit of sugar. I quite like eating it plain, but it's also good when soaked in sugary milk tea. Making a sandwich of two biscuits with condensed milk or peanut butter can also be fun.

Munchee - Rs. 28 (80g) There's something about Munchee that we can't quite put our finger on - a delicacy in the taste that makes it just a bit better than the Maliban. That being said, again you'll be fine going for either. Maliban - Rs. 28 (80g) Again we had very little to say with regard to difference in taste - both biscuits tasted fine and cost the same. It's a marie biscuit, it's fairly simple.


Milk Shortcake

Milk Shortcake Milk Shortcake

Our milk shortcakes are again good for dunking purposes. They're not as thick and rich and buttery as the shortcakes you get abroad, but they're quite nice.

Munchee - Rs. 40 (85g) We like the Munchee better and there's a clear difference in taste here. Although the Munchee is slimmer, the flavour is richer and milkier, and it's nice and crisp. This is a good biscuit. Maliban - Rs. 40 (80g) The Maliban shortcake is a bit thicker than the Munchee, and tastes a bit like a rusk and slightly cardboardey. It's okay, not bad, but isn't quite milky enough.


Lemon Puff

Lemon Puffs Lemon Puffs

In 2010 Maliban set a new Guinness World Record by creating the world's largest Lemon Puff. Lemon Puff is a pretty popular biscuit in Sri Lanka. We're not big fans of it in general, but here goes:

Munchee - Rs. 50 (100g) The Munchee Lemon Puff was pretty good, and we don't even like lemon puffs that much. The biscuit was a lovely gold and toasted, tasting more, how to say, puffy? Like there was actually some air in there, whereas the Maliban one was just solid and hard. Again, the lemon flavour was delicate and not too sweet. A good biscuit. Maliban - Rs. 50 (100g) We didn't like the Maliban Lemon Puff. The biscuit was too hard, and the lemon cream was too heavily essenced. There was also far too much granulated sugar on the top.



Nice  Marie  Short Cake  Lemon Puff  Chocolate
100g 80g 85/80 g 100g 100g
Munchee Rs. 40 Rs. 28 Rs. 40 Rs. 50 Rs. 45
Maliban Rs. 40 Rs. 28 Rs. 40 Rs. 50 Rs. 45
(Rs. 0.40/g) (Rs. 0.35/g) (Rs. 0.47,0.50 / g) (Rs. 0.50/g) (Rs. 0.45/g)


The Verdict

Like we said, in most cases it's pretty difficult to tell these biscuits apart. And since they all cost the same, it's hard to recommend one over the other. However, there's something about Munchee that we like. And with the shortcake and lemon puff they're definitely better. If you like your biscuits quite sweet and strong, then perhaps you'd prefer Maliban. But if you want a more delicate taste, then go Munchee. It's good.


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  • Pri

    Really appreciate what you guys do here in
    I'd like to mention another fact with regards to the Maliban vs Munchee biscuit challenge. Munchee how ever, might taste better and softer but I've heard that there are so many chemicals used in Munchee biscuits to get the taste and quality for an example : MSG. I've heard this from one of the staff at CBL-Munchee, and me being a mom, always choose Maliban over munchee because of its less sweeteners and less chemical content. We'd love if you too could bring up this matter, and compare the chemical (unhealthy) content and sugar content IF there is a probably possible way of proving the levels of chemicals in both.

    12 October 2012 02:02 PM Reply
    • foodtec

      Manufacturers have to declare ingredients. It is ignorant and defamatory to say that because something tastes good its because there are more chemicals. I would think it is because they use good ingredients. In the taste panel they found the Maliban biscuits sweeter. Sugar is one of the cheapest ingredients. Munchee is exporting its biscuits and recently was awarded the most outstanding exporter. You don't get to that position without doing the right thing. I lived in australia and Munchee biscuits were freely available and if there was an issue with chemicals they would not be imported!

      16 October 2012 10:43 AM Reply
      • Pri

        I dont agree with the fact that just because its freely available in Australia its good. And you don't get to to say the tastiest is the best, and looking at the comments below, you'd realize what Sri Lankan's trust the most. Im a mum and I never bring munchee home knowing for a fact the ingredients used in them are not the healthiest. When you were in Australia heppily eating munchee biscuits, I hope you heard about this?!?

        30 October 2012 10:08 PM Reply
  • thushara

    when it comes to Chocolate cream biscuits Maliban is the best!

    13 October 2012 12:51 PM Reply
    • viran

      yep. there really is no contest between Maliban chocolate biscuits and munchee. have had Maliban for the last 25 years. though the price has increased a few fold.

      05 November 2012 06:52 PM Reply
  • Anetha

    This is so stupid and im not agreed with this analysis with regard to taste, Maliban is the best product we ever know and Munchee can not even come closer to Maliban taste. So whatever the publications says customer knows what is the best product.

    16 October 2012 09:59 AM Reply
  • Duvindra Corea

    As mention above i fully agree munchee may be tastier but wht goes to the biscuit is wht we have to think about is Maliban we can be sure 200% that the Maliban biscuits are quality and are good for us where in MAliban biscuit it gives the original taste.

    When it comes to Gold Marie its the only biscuit that is enriched with Vitamin and i will allways go for Gold Marie

    16 October 2012 10:34 AM Reply
    • foodtec

      Why do yo assume that Maliban uses better ingredients than Munchee? It is important as consumers that one makes informed choices. If you look at the Maliban Lemon puff recently launched in the ingredients it says nature identical flavours but they advertise as natural flavours. Is this being 200% sure?

      16 October 2012 10:48 AM Reply
  • duminda

    I agree with foodtec,, I myself also noticed that they use natural flavours in the commercials and in the ingredient list they use nature identical flavours. This can not be regarded as ethical communication

    18 October 2012 09:54 AM Reply
  • Lasith

    Not really a huge fan of any of these biscuits and therefore am indifferent either way. However, my mom's 4-year old dog, Toby, does agree with you. Marie biscuits are his 2nd favorite treat, behind Ambewela yoghurt… but he ONLY eats the Munchee Tikiri Marie. You give him any other Marie and he will knock it aside, but the Tikiri Marie he gobbles down one after the other. As far as I know that dog can't read or recognize packaging, but he does seem to notice a difference between the two brands (although they are quite the same to my unsophisticated taste-buds)… and he does agree with you "There’s something about Munchee that we can’t quite put our finger on".

    14 November 2012 06:24 PM Reply
  • Chandana

    But for me Maliban is healthier… Muchee causes me Gastritis… (may be coz of too much yeast… )

    17 November 2012 02:49 PM Reply
  • Rohan Fernando

    Lets move to another type of biscuit.What do u think of the 2 brand crackers. which is the true brand cracker( Maliban or Munchee) my choice is the Maliban Real Bran cracker.what say u?

    27 November 2012 01:29 PM Reply
  • Shehani

    Good comparison. Anyway lot of people including my family, we started to move from both and start looking for another local brand which is not priced us for Muslim requirement of halal that instead they should pay the manufacturer to produce such category. But funny thing is they charge the Manufacturer to give them such branded product line :D

    06 January 2013 06:46 AM Reply
  • MrsNishanthiKH

    I am always trust Maliban products. no chemicals and less artifical flavours & colours.last two three years introduced lot of new products. I am realy love for Maliban Feel Good biscuits.

    06 February 2013 10:02 AM Reply
  • Nuwan

    my family shifted from munchee to maliban only because of halal!!!

    08 February 2013 11:56 PM Reply
  • Vanessa

    Maliban biscuits have proved themselved over two decades. The taste has not changed one bit, the chocolate which was my favourite is not the favourite of my children, Maliban is a definite winner compared to Munchee on any day.

    11 February 2013 04:30 AM Reply
  • Chathu

    Now maliban doesn't has halal mark. so this good news just enough to select the good brand. As long as munchee keeping halal mark, WE BUY MALIBAN…!!!! THE BEST.

    15 February 2013 12:24 AM Reply
  • Nalin1239

    Malinban Marie & Chocolate Cream biscuits are way better than munchee. You got it wrong here mate.

    19 February 2013 10:30 PM Reply
  • Misnad

    Enjoy Maliban - it's still Halal by the way if you didnt know lol… Anyways, jokes apart they both make great biscuits, some better than the other. Lemon Puff is better with Munchee hands down. Choc cream is better with Maliban. Good analysis by the way.

    19 February 2013 10:31 PM Reply
  • Defa

    I think Munchee products are in good quality and better taste that Maliban. I just love the Super Cream Cracker and Hey they have launched a new Rice Cracker too. They always come up with great innovations,, We love you Munchee……………

    19 February 2013 11:59 PM Reply
  • SanjeewaRodrigo

    මෙකෙ එවුවන්න්ට කත කරන්න මීට වඩිය ප්‍රශ්න මෙ රටෙ නද්ද බොලන්නෙ………

    20 February 2013 12:10 AM Reply
  • Oshantha

    I ate Maliban Chocolate cream daily and they changed their taste and the quality of the biscuit. But I didn't like to move to Munchee and one of my friend gave me a munchee cream chocolate biscuit, then only I realized that I was blind all the time.
    Try Ur self, compare both Maliban and munchee chocolate cream biscuits. Identify Ur self what is the best………….

    20 February 2013 12:27 AM Reply
  • manoj

    There are people for both brands.But I like Munchee Hawaian Cookies.No one can match that. Isn't it?

    20 February 2013 12:33 AM Reply
  • SanjeewaRodrigo

    අනේ බොලන්නෙ පොඩි උදව්වක් කරහන්ලකො………
    අපේ ගම ශන්ති මාවත, පොලොන්නරුව රෑට අලි එනවා….
    සමහරදාට වෑස්ස, සමහරදාට අව්ව,
    ඔව්වා නේද කතා කරන්න ඕන ඈත්ත ප්‍රශ්ණ………

    20 February 2013 12:36 AM Reply
  • independent

    Munchee is oily and crispy almost as if they are fried or something far inferior to maliban , I know for a fact Maliban uses original receipts and good ingredients this was told to me by a customs officer as Munchee stuff comes from China !

    20 February 2013 12:48 AM Reply
  • Abesinghe

    I like munchee super cream cracker so much.Munchee only changed the patients ceam cracker to what we all love today.Thanks munchee.

    20 February 2013 01:30 AM Reply
  • rohan

    Maliban Feel Good the only sugar free biscuit in Sri Lanka , the Glyceamic load for 3 biscuits is only 9. good news for whoso ever wishing to be free of sugar.

    22 February 2013 05:11 AM Reply
  • rohan

    @ Shehani Maliban Biscuits are no longer with Halaal just look at a small pack of Maliban Nice,no mark on that, that's good enough for me.the rest will follow ,i hope so .

    22 February 2013 05:22 AM Reply
  • pandu1953

    Its dam shame to have HLAL in your products. Why are v SRI LANKANS ?

    23 February 2013 11:20 PM Reply
  • pandu1953

    The only brand without dam HALAL is CHERISH. v r proud of them . Do by from them.

    23 February 2013 11:26 PM Reply
  • Sumana

    Both have halal certificates. Visit their websites to see the truth!

    24 February 2013 07:29 AM Reply
  • Amal

    I love Maliban chocolate biscuits, gold marie and ginger nut. Munchee is best in the lemon puff, milk shortcake and Hawaian cookies. hence I don't agree with some of the analysis given

    27 February 2013 12:09 AM Reply
  • DeiyyoSakki

    I cant imagine Sri Lankans are such silly baboons to get carried away by the halal nonsense. I live overseas and not even the suddas have such "allergies". Get over your prejudices people coz you are Sri Lankans…….the westerners must be laughing their a… off seeing the hala balu over halal….what silly dim wits

    23 March 2013 10:24 PM Reply
    • Mal

      What if i told you Halal is nothing to do with the Sri Lankan Community or what so ever! We as Muslim have a separate Ingredient for consumption. We stick to that! Why worry on it :) Eat whatever you like without complaining. We concern only on HALAL CERTIFIED FOODS!!

      16 April 2015 10:27 AM Reply
  • MN

    Ignorance is the mother of all evil! so many ignorant people… hope they will be guided ia

    03 April 2013 01:02 AM Reply
  • Nipuni

    this really is a ridiculous analysis. Feel like the analyzer is with Munchee.Coz even though he says its same all the time he again says munchee's better… sort of a quite attend to insult the country's oldest and the best brand… May be there are slight differences in biscuits which some give more credits to munchee and the rest to Maliban. Guys I ve also tried both biscuits… but this analysis is fake. just pretending to be fair whilst insulting the age old Maliban to Munchee. thumbs down

    21 May 2013 05:31 AM Reply
  • Peter

    Guys , I tasted some tipi tip this week and I stil love eating it…… It is the best snack in Sri Lanka I guess comparing to other imported products….

    06 June 2013 10:34 AM Reply
  • Mauri

    Munchee Product related marketing (Advertising). Maliban related product quality.That's CBL & MBM deference.
    Maliban new innovations are very well.Example FEEL GOOD (Sugar Free) product. it's my favorite.

    22 June 2013 10:57 AM Reply
  • Jenny

    Any of you tried Sunrich biscuits? It's quite tasty and the chocolate biscuits are yummy! Availability is an issue. Only in Arpico and groceries…

    10 July 2013 12:19 AM Reply
  • gngnfg

    Maliban is the tastiest biscuit manufactoring company in srilanka,love you maliban so much

    24 July 2013 06:06 AM Reply
  • Gayan

    Maliban Chocolate biscuit and Gold marie are way btr than munchee… wondering about the taste buds of analyzers here :(

    25 July 2013 02:33 PM Reply
  • Izmee

    Munchee has come along way in the SL biscuit market with massive sales growth in the past decade. You cannot achieve and sustain growth without manufacturing quality products. Munchee products are tasty & quality.

    02 August 2013 12:49 AM Reply


    03 August 2013 02:41 AM Reply
  • Deshapriya

    Wow…… Maliban Spicy Cracker is wondering product and great new innovative product.

    12 August 2013 10:32 AM Reply
  • Malee


    10 September 2013 04:24 AM Reply
  • imthiyas

    Maliban is Manufacturing its Products using Natural Ingredients unlike munchee
    So that maliban Posses the Healthy Award………

    23 September 2013 06:11 AM Reply
  • Shan

    Forget the the Yamu analysis guess who won an international award for taste

    23 November 2013 03:59 PM Reply
  • Colpas

    hey guys , am not a Sri Lankan , but to my best knowledge and having tasted these two brand biscuit for more that two years , I will still ascertain that Munchee got some quality here over Maliban

    24 January 2014 06:17 AM Reply
  • Kushan

    my family shifted from munchee to maliban only because of halal!!!

    25 April 2014 10:01 AM Reply
  • brancracker

    I prefer the hard and crispy maliban over the puffy, oily munchee. I'm pretty sure the healther option is maliban. But that's just what i feel.

    14 August 2014 05:24 AM Reply
  • Achchi

    You cannot just say one brand is healthier than the other unless you have evidence to back up your claim. Just because a brand has been around, and is a household name doesn't make it any healthier than a newer brand. The taste factor is subjective. Some people may prefer the taste of Munchee over Maliban and vise versa.

    09 October 2014 07:50 AM Reply
  • Elina

    Definitely maliban is the best.Especially when it comes to gold marie,lemon puff,nice biscuits and cream crackers.They are so crunchy and rich in milk.

    28 October 2014 05:49 AM Reply
  • Vishan

    I have been eating Malliban for more than 25yrs now… It's the best biscuit in Sri Lanka… Always dealing with the quality on the upper hand… They are the only company in Sri Lanka to have won many quality awards successively including the national quality award and other global awards for quality… They might be lacking the advertising power… But who cares… They produce the tastiest and qualitiest biscuit in Sri Lanka and I love eating Maliban… !!!

    30 October 2014 03:20 AM Reply
  • Cwilliams

    I actually like Both Maliban and Munchee, I like certain products of Maliban and some certain products from Munchee, I still think Munchee is superior to Maliban as they use high quality ingredients, in comparative to Maliban, Munchee buisuits you get it in the UK, to US, to Australia and the Middle East, and they go through general testing before being released from time to time.

    Halal is in-comparative, only the naive racist individuals would compare Halal to Kosher, Halal just means that they don't put Pig Fat, same as Vegan, if the round circle in front of the packaging exists, that mean's its vegan. It's high time some of these racist people should avoid that too.

    30 October 2014 04:55 PM Reply
  • sampo

    Why haven't you compared the chocolate biscuit? Nothing beats Maliban.

    01 November 2014 03:20 AM Reply
  • anon

    maliban chocolate biscuit tastes horrible now. it used to be my favorite

    05 November 2014 11:04 AM Reply
  • kunchana

    maliban is yahagunayen idiriyata
    but munchee is rasa lowa raja kirul what do you choice
    we are only maliban we are not eat munchee

    20 December 2014 09:49 PM Reply
    • shashini

      As i think maliban is better than munchee.when we taste munchee chocolate biscut it is sweeter than maliban…even lemon puff's biscut is very light…but maliban maintain their standards of products…normally i always go for maliban because of the taste and the freshness.but this depends on customers expectations….

      19 August 2015 09:08 AM Reply
  • I am really interested in your products and therefore i would like to know whether it is possible to do business with you . I would say i have a pretty reasonable market demand on your product since the taste goes easy through the asian mouth.

    Please to hear from you at the earliest convenient.

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    20 July 2015 04:58 PM Reply