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YAMU is a (4.5 year old) content company based in Colombo. Right now, we’re a casual guide to life in the city and Sri Lanka. We visit restaurants, bars and places, trying to separate the good from the bad, the excellent from the extortionate. We've also branched out into original video and content on

Things we cover

Think of us as your friend in the city; we’re here to help. We now have an office phone, the number is 0776476741.
Our office is located at 14/15A Duplication Road, Colombo 4 (just past Vajira Rd, in the Spring & Summer building). It's also about 4 stories up, so expect a work out if you want to visit. If you want you can catch us on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or Twitter

The Team

Indi Samarajiva

Indi is a blogger ( and co-founder of Kottu, a blog aggregator. He is a Director of YAMU. If you want to talk about something interesting, contact him via or 0777 337 059.

Bhagya Goonewardhane

Bhagya is a business analyst for YAMU. Despite some confusion given his name, he is in fact male. He likes pork and watches tennis, and you can reach him at

Malinthe Samarakoon

Malinthe is the Senior Software Engineer at YAMU and runs our in-house තේ කඩේ. He's a programming wunderkind and also an excellent photographer and blogger. You can reach him at

Buddika Muhandiram

Buddika is an avid hiker and adventurer. He's currently YAMU's main Sinhala language writer. You can contact him at

Rishani Sittampalam

Rishani handles Events (Karamu). You can contact her on

Chinthaka Aluvihare

Chinthaka is our newest programming recruit. He’s into bikes and works on building new and exciting features on the YAMU site. You can holla at him on

Chandana Prasanna

Chandana does video production and Sinhala content, and was once a man on the run for his political activism. He enjoys sweets, meat, Lion stout and the tears of conservatives. You can reach him at

Vishvi Vidanapathirana

Vishvi has studied IT, and is a writer for YAMU. She adores tigers and since she cannot have one as a pet, she has a cat. Nothing makes her angrier than forgetting her headset when she steps out,and nothing makes her happier than reading her favorite book (Game of Thrones) while plugged into some good music. You can contact her at

Sarith Ranasinghe

Sarith is a video editor at YAMU. He loves the thrill of being a creative. You can view his porfolio on Behance. He makes short films during his pastime and is a coffee addict. Contact him at

Prasad Welikumbura

Prasad is our social media guy. He handles our ads, and figures out how to get our content out there into the big bad world. He used to work at the President's Media Division, but then got kicked out for being sassy. You can contact him at