10 Delicious Breakfast Options Delivered To Your Doorstep

A list of promos to help you save a tad while gaining in other places.

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*This post is brought to you by PickMe Food. 

Food delivery services have changed the game of eating out because now you don't necessarily need to get out of your PJs to achieve your pursuit of happiness. That being said, eating from restaurants can be a tad expensive. But, PickMe Food has got a couple of tricks up their sleeve to help sort that problem out. 

So, postpone the diet plan you've been saying you're starting tomorrow for a bit, PickMe Food brings you 10 solid reasons to back up this statement.

1. Cafe Hideout

 Fife Road

If you're one of those caffeine addicts, Cafe Hideout is probably the best option to go with on this list. Previously known as Hansa Cafe (which now has renamed as The Blue Swan and relocated to Greenlands Ave), they also do some superb sandwiches that would fill you up, and all-day breakfast! So even if you're craving for some freshly made French Toast at 12.30pm, worry not - because Cafe Hideout has your back.

2. New Hotel Amirthaa


Serving up some stellar vegetarian South Indian dishes, New Hotel Amirthaa covers every possible Indian breakfast food craving possible. So, the next time your heart calls for dosa at 8 am on a weekday, you know where to look.

3. Tea Avenue

 Kotte, Kollupitiya, Barnes Place

Tea Avenue took Colombo by storm when they opened up. With the option of getting a complete English breakfast without much hassle, it's made its name as one of the best places to opt for when you're looking for a boss breakfast. 

4. Java Lounge

Nawala, Barnes Place, Jawatta rd

Coffee, sandwiches or even cheesecake, Java Lounge happens to be one of those cafes that cater to your every breakfast whim. 

5. Burger King

 Rajagiriya, Maharagama, Kotahena, Mount Lavinia, Independence Arcade, Fort, Nugegoda, Kollupitiya

None of us actually need an introduction to this one. Burger King took us by storm a while back and is still one of the options to go with when it comes to a burger to get you started. 

6. Mc Donalds

Rajagiriya, Mount Lavinia, Kollupitiya, Kotahena, Race Course, Nugegoda

When it comes to the combo of breakfast and fast food, we don't think anything is more obvious than McD's. Whether it be for some rich as hell hashbrowns or just fluffy golden brown hot cakes, McD's is probably the way to be. 

7. Apey Cafe

 Havelock Rd

Apey Cafe happens to be one of those cafes that actually somehow smell like a bakery that you'd be able to sniff from a mile away. We know for a fact that they have the potential of doing a solid maalu paan and their coffee isn't too shabby either. 

8. New Saraswathie Cafe

Sea Street - Fort

New Saraswatie Cafe is a not so wee cafe in Pettah that's known for their extremely affordable takes on vegetarian South Indian food. Literally, the only catch about this place is the fact that it's all the way in Pettah. Which is why you're better off getting them delivered. We guarantee you won't regret it. 

9. Dhawalagiri (Maradana)

Dhawalgiri in Maradana is already known for serving some of the best quintessential South Indian food types in Colombo. Thus, when looking for the likes of dosa, vadai or even fried rice, Dhawalgiri has got you covered. You can keep an eye on the following offers too. 

  • Enjoy an Onion Oothappam for Rs. 220
  • Enjoy a Rava Masala Dosa for Rs. 220

10. Palpatha

If one is looking for variety in terms of curries in their breakfast spread, one's immediate reaction will be - or should be to turn towards Palpatha. Because, whilst being a tad on the pricier side, you can't really match this kind of variety anywhere really. 

Breakfast bundles: 

  • Roast Paan Set Menu - 4 Loaves of bread, 1 portion of pol sambol, 1 portion of pork curry for 550.
  • Bread Set Menu A - 1 Loaf of bread, dhal curry and curry chicken portion for Rs. 400.
  • Bread Set Menu B - 1 Loaf of bread, 2 cutlets, mixed gravy, 2 boiled eggs and pol sambol for Rs.  300
  • Bread Set Menu C - Mixed curry and pork curry for Rs. 450
  • Parata Set Menu - 6 Paratas, 2 portions of chicken curry and dhal curry for Rs. 400
  • Milk Rice & Pol Rotti Combo - 2 pieces of Milk rice, 2 pol rotti, 2 cutlets, lunu miris and mixed gravy for Rs. 300
  • Pol Rotti & Parata Combo - 4 Pol rottis, 2 paratas, lunu miris, 2 chicken curries and dhal curry for Rs. 450
  • String Hopper & Egg Rotti Combo- 30 String hoppers, 2 egg rottis, curry chicken and dhal curry for Rs. 550
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