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10 Foods to Beat The Heat

A list of some of the food types you should probably stock up this season.

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The combination of global warming and a Sri Lankan summer is as close to a decision made by the devil as possible. But, we're Sri Lankan, we tend to power through everything without much significant thought on the subject.

Recently, we found ourselves trapped smack dab in the middle of one of the hottest seasons in history. Most of our days are like that, especially if you live in Colombo and its suburbs. We are all pretty much on the verge of falling apart because of the heat. 

So, here's 10 foods you should probs stock up on to help you beat the heat. You're welcome.

1. Coconut

Let it be thambili or pol, the coconut family bears some of the biggest and best advantages when it comes to beating the heat. Not only does it taste heavenly, but, it's stocked up on Vitamins and Minerals. Plus, it's pretty easy to get by since we live on a tropical island and all. 

2. Pumpkin 

Not only is pumpkin essentially 90% water, but, it also has another bunch of other perks like helping with digestion, clearing skin diseases and better immunity. If you need more reason to buy more of this big friendly giant, we suggest clicking here

3. Leafy Vegetables

Research proves that dark leafy veggies are composed of nearly 90% - 95% water. Which essentially means, faster, easier digestion. 

4. Avocado 

Aye, here's something we weren't really expecting. Avocados are really easy to digest, which is why it's on this list. But, on another note, avocados also have high potassium content and are super easy to pair in terms of food. 

5. Mangoes

Coinciding Heat Street, we have one thing we can all be happy about, yes, mango season! Mangoes happen to be some of the most beneficial fruits to eat, heat or cold. Nonetheless, packed to the skin with vitamins, minerals and fibres, your calling to the mango tree is here. 

6. Mint

No surprises here, mint has been used for centuries to reduce body heat. Its high menthol content convinces our body of a reduction in heat, which, in turn, works for the best because it does, in fact, reduce our body heat. 

7. Spicy Food

YES! Spicy food is good for you! It's mainly because spicy food makes you sweat which helps with cooling your body down. So, go all out on the spicy chicken hodi friends, it's good for you.

8. Bananas

Not only are bananas in season and high in its potassium content, but also they are beneficial with releasing toxins.

9. Melon

Whether it be cucumbers or watermelons, melons family is your way to go. With high amounts of water and other cooling properties, they are delicious, refreshing and pretty cool. 

10. Pineapples

Last on our list, we have pineapples. Not only are pineapples crammed with water and nutrients, but, they also have enzymes which actually helps with reducing inflammations in the body. 

Apart from the ones on our this list, there are heaps of others that have the same capacity to help. But, these are our top 10. 

We suggest clicking here, here and here to find out more! 

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