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10 Gifts for Valentines this 2020

Valentine's is near, why not give them what their heart desire?

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The origin of Valentine's Day is somewhat shrouded in mystery yet today, it's one of the most celebrated days throughout the world. You can argue that it's a farce, and a consumer driven business, but at the end of the day, admit it, you're bound to succumb too. In that spirit, we've got a list of ideas ranging from slightly high end to the simplest! 

1. Meme Book

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This has to be one of the ideas we're excited about the most, because understanding how versatile memes can be, it has so much potential. You can make a hard copy of a compilation of memes and present it in the form of a book. 

To go that extra mile: Make sure the memes are relatable and make your own memes surrounding particular incidents, personality traits and other factors you have in common. 

2. Voucher

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Hold up. Normal vouchers are a huge NO. But this is no normal voucher. This is one that you will create yourself, a promise of cooking their favourite food. 

To go that extra mile: Make the voucher look more attractive and also, cook the dish together! This will entail a lot of fun, and even if it fails, oh well, you fail together. 

3. Cycling 

How exactly can you transform the traffic-ridden roads of Colombo into something romantic? The sweltering heat, the multitude of noisy, rickety vehicles wheezing past, emitting sheets of smoke is a recipe for disaster. Yet, if you pull this off, you'll be considered a legend. There's something about making your way through a maze of vehicles, the wind ruffling your hair that feels liberating, and will definitely make it feel more memorable. If you're living away from Colombo, your job is that much easier. Pristine hills, oxygen @kapilarasnayake approves of, green fields on either side of the roads and the only noises disturbing the peace is the chirping of the birds and the shrill bicycle bell; what could go wrong. 

To go that extra mile: (we don't mean this literally ofc) get your timing right. In the evening, just when the sun is about to set, grasp that golden hour. If it rains, improvisation will be required, but it will still be fun and memorable. 

4. Helicopter Ride

This might not come cheap, but it's still a very exciting experience to go through together! You can feel on top of the world, literally! There are quite a number of establishments on the internet where you can get this sorted out. 

To go that extra mile: equip yourself with snacks and proper hugs to chase away the anxiety? 

5. Get Schwifty

If you're a fan of Rick and Morty (if you're not,  in the immortal words of Bru Lee, who were yooou??), this is the closest to perfection that a gift can get. Get yourself a portrait of you and your SO in the Rick and Morty universe. This works with any franchise/fandom tbh; add yourself into the fray and be a part of the action!

To go that extra mile: it doesn't have to be perfect, so try drawing this by yourself. Although it might not look exactly like the thing, the fact that you took the effort to make this would mean much more. 

6. Movie Box

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A box that you will be adding your personalized touch to, this box will consist of your SO's favourite movies or TV series to binge. You can add anything he or she likes, from anime to rom-coms, and don't also forget to add a bunch of snacks and a little blanket to make it complete. 

If you want to go the extra mile, you can also make a movie ticket to your favourite movie, which both of you can recreate (fingers crossed that it's not 50 shades). 

7. "Open When..."

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These are a series of letters that you've compiled in different envelopes, for different occasions. Whenever your SO is feeling a certain way, he or she can open up the specific envelope and let your words engulf them and magnify your emotions or serve as a cushion. 

8. Socks

Socks are a pretty cool way of expressing yourself, and the more creative and flamboyant, the better. It doesn't necessarily have to be Christmas to present your stockings, it can be this Valentine's as well, plus, it's quite unorthodox and something that they will use regularly, also serving as a reminder. 

To Go That Extra Mile: You can get the same type of socks with slightly different or altogether different patterns/ designs and switch them with each other. 

9. Other Accessories

These can be decorative (a bracelet, fancy little bandana or a pendant) and also can be something that they will be using on a regular basis (a scrunchie or a hairband). 

10. Rocks 

You can imitate the method that penguins use to propose, and just give her a rock. We don't mean a diamond, but a smooth pebble. This idea might sound wack, but you have to admit, there is something novel about it. 

To go that extra mile: You can imprint your fingerprints side by side, diagonally, in the shape of a heart (and also probably give something else with the rock).

Or you can stick to the good ol' sure fiyah ideas! Writing an article about gift ideas for Valentine's and hoping your crush sees it and realizes how romantic you are is also on my list, I shall let you know how that goes. Also, massive S/O to all those who provided me with a couple of brilliant ideas. May the odds be ever in your favour!

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