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Places To Get Your Health Fix

If you are one of those people who like things raw, natural and healthy, here's our new and updated list of go to places…

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If you are one of those people who like healthy food, here's our new and updated list of go to places for your next bowl of health. Some of these places are not exclusively for the health conscious, but you just might find a good bowl of healthy eating on their menu, that is if you make it past all the other tempting unhealthy ones. 

In no particular order:


No. 31/B, Dakshinarama Road, Mount Lavinia.

At Saladgram located in Mt Lavinia, you can either opt for takeaway or delivery. They have a range of salads like chicken, egg, tuna, beef etc. You can select your choice of carb, dressing, and base, and you can opt for either small size or regular. 

Flow Health Bar

28, Ward Place, Colombo 7

Flow Health Bar is a vegan health food stall in Ward Place that serves up a range of salads and healthy juices.

Calorie Counter

59, Ward Place, Colombo 07

As its name denotes, Calorie Counter is about watching your intake of calories, though as many may have realised, eating here is a little hard on the wallet - so you can opt to keep the calories or your money.
Jokes aside, they serve a range of health foods to suit your health fix.

Eat Right

129, Philip Gunawardena Mawatha, Colombo 7

With outlets in Battaramulla and Colombo 7, you can either dine in or get food delivered to your home. You can also opt to view their dishes on their website. Prices range from 550 to 800 on salads.

Villa Raha

33, Macleod Place, Colombo 4

Picture courtesy: Villa Raha

Villa Raha is an all-day brunch spot, but if you look through their very delicious looking menu, you will find quite the array to fit your Ketogenic meal plan. With an array of egg benedict dishes to a range of dishes consisting of tuna and avocado, this might just be your tastiest stop from all the places we've mentioned here. Here's that place for your cheat day, though it will still be a win-win on the health side. 

Pho Vietnam

62, Havelock Rd, Colombo 05

Pho Vietnam has its mildly oily to very beefy dishes that probably add many a calorie. But here's just the one which no matter how many bowls you gulp down, will not add anything to the calories - their very clear soup which is just a combination of spring onions and bits and bobs of shallots.

Paan Paan

84, Lorenz Road, Colombo 4

Picture courtesy Paan Paan

Paan Paan has a tiny range of salads and other healthy options in their range of breads which might prove worthy of your diet. 

Well, that's our list for now. Let us know where you go for your salads.

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