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11 Cups of YAMU's Favourite Hot Chocolate

Is your office freezing you to death? Have a hot chocolate!

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Is it warm everywhere except your table/cubicle/room at work? If yes, like me, you must be reading this while wrapping yourself with a pile of scarves, jackets, and other layers, drinking hot water and taking suspiciously long bathroom breaks because that's probably the only way for you to get some warm air through the tiny window in the bathroom. 
In such cases, even the thought of a warm, beautifully (and deliciously) crafted drink - a coffee, or better; a cup of hot chocolate brings you great comfort. So whether it be going out for lunch or on your way home after work, here's a list of 11 places (in no particular order) that we highly recommend to grab yourself a cup of this hot, chocolaty ecstasy!

Cafe Noir

Cafe Noir has been expanding - now they've got three branches in town (Cafe Noir, Cafe Noir Blanc and Cafe Noir Petit). The quality of their food has its ups and downs, but the hot chocolate will never let you down. Served in a tall mug, it's creamy, rich with flavour and the consistency is on point too.

The Blue Swan

The Blue Swan, previous Hansa Coffee is known for the interesting spins they put on the usual cafe drinks. If you're a hot chocolate lover and don't mind having it with a twist, their Chilli Hot Chocolate is a must-try. Made with Hansa chocolate, an in-house product, it's a weird, yet delightful drink. Initially, you will feel like it's your average hot chocolate, but within seconds, your throat would be smacked with a wave of spiciness. 

Villa Raha

If your idea of the perfect brunch includes a cup of hot chocolate on the side, look no further than Villa Raha. They make it by melting Belgian Chocolate, so it has a good flavour, and also a nice aroma that will have you drooling. The unmelted bits of chocolate swimming about enrich the flavour even more. 

The Brown Bean Coffee (Dharmapala Mw.)

*Hot Chocolate on the right

The Brown Bean Coffee gives a solid deal for hot chocolate. At just Rs. 300, it's served in a tall glass, lusciously creamy and absolutely rich with chocolate. 

The Kings (The Kingsbury)

The Kings is a bar that resides inside the lobby of The Kingsbury Hotel, and does a superb hot chocolate! Creamy, milky and boasting rich notes of dark chocolate, it's just what you need to warm up and comfort yourself. 

Caramel Pumpkin

Caramel Pumpkin's take on hot chocolate involves a good dose of melted Belgian chocolate, and we're all for it. The whiff of Belgian chocolate itself is enough to make you fall in love with it. 

Baguette French Bakery & Café (Mount Lavinia)

The hot chocolate at Baguette is a glassful of pure Belgian chocolate bliss! It's in fact, a concoction of both milk and dark chocolate, and the rich flavour it creates is consistent from the first sip to the last.  

The Fab Cafe

The Fab is one reliable option for getting short eats in Colombo, and Fab Cafe is a fancier version of that. Located on the top floor of Fab - Borella, they whip up a good hot chocolate that features a nice caramel layer on top, which enhances the flavour of the drink rather than overpowering it. 

The Cauldron

If by hot chocolate, you mean marshmallows, The Cauldron is your best bet. The chocolate-to-milk ratio here is on point, and the cubes of fluffy marshmallows add a subtle sweetness, without overwhelming the chocolatiness of the drink. 

Lan Tao Cafe

Lan Tao is a new addition to Colombo's throng of cafes, and we're glad to say that their hot chocolate is simply great! They've integrated it with hazelnut, which makes things even more interesting. 

Dolce Italia

Unfortunately, we do not have a good picture of the hot chocolate at Dolce, but we guarantee that they do a good one. 

What is your go-to spot for hot chocolate? Please do let us know in the comments. 

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