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12 Must-See Sri Lankan Recipe Channels On YouTube

A collection of Sri Lankan YouTube cooking channels that one should not miss.

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With the evolvement of technology and all its popularity, everyone who cooks has moved from cookery books to something that they can watch on a tablet, iPad, phone or a computer screen. There has been a detectable rise in the number of cooking channels on YouTube, which makes our lives easier as you can access them from pretty much anywhere in the world.
However, it's not every day that you come across a channel that portrays the values, elegance or the essence of Sri Lankan cooking. Sri Lankan food recipes can be complicated, even for Sri Lankans who prepare them on a daily basis.
So among the myriad of cooking channels that are widely available on YouTube, these 12 channels are a must-check, especially if you're looking for the next step of the curry that you're making right now. 

Anoma's Kitchen

Anoma's Kitchen by Anoma Wijetunga has been around since 2016, whipping up a range of dishes that is not just limited to Lankan things. Aside from recipes, she also does videos to educate the beginners in the kitchen about the equipment, ingredients and other necessary cooking tips, while sharing some of her gastronomical adventures in different cities/countries. 

Apé Amma

Pretty much like Anoma's Kitchen, Apé Amma channel covers all the bases, from the simplest sambol to the most complex curry. It's also not just about Sri Lankan recipes; she presents a wide array of dishes from different culinary fares, including Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican and European etc. 

Dishing with Dush

The inventor of the beloved, booze-up chocolate biscuit pudding series; Bellissima, Dush Ratnayaka brings his super interesting takes globally inspired, yet beautifully Lankanised dishes through his cooking channel; Dishing with Dush. 

Chammi Imalka

Chammi Imalka's cooking channel mainly revolves around baked goodies, snacks and desserts, but every once in a while she makes videos about nail arts and makeup too. 


RASA UYANA is yet another Sri Lankan cooking channel that you can learn a good deal of baking tips. 

Aasai Rasai: Sri Lankan Recipes in English

From mallung, muscat and fish rolls to curries, pan-roast chicken and faluda, the Asai Rasai channel does some easily followable recipes that every Sri Lankan can relate to. 

Yummy Mummy

Yummy Mummy is a channel specialised in desserts. If you're looking for an easy peasy recipe to craft up a Lava Cake or Caramel Pudding, this is a good one to check out. 


GAMI RASA boasts of delicacies from our Sri Lankan culinary fare. They've presented a wide collection of curries, as well as desserts, including avurudu sweets. 

Village Life

Village Life delivers exactly what it promises; a cross-section of the beauty of cooking in a village. It's done by a little family in a rural corner of Sri Lanka, and it's the mother and the daughter who prepare these Sri Lankan curries, sambols and snacks. 

Recipes Sinhala

Recipes Sinhala's main focus is Sri Lankan curries but every now and then they do videos on simple desserts, breakfast items and drinks too. 


Another Sri Lankan cooking channel on YouTube that shares Sri Lankan recipes, cooking methods and kitchen basics in a simple, yet effective way. 

Itali Kama Sinhalen

Itali Kama Sinhalen hasn't been around for that long, but their aim is clear and interesting. They provide Italian recipes in Sinhala language, in a manner that anyone can easily understand. 

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