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12 Slices Of YAMU's Favourite Pizzas In Town

People disappoint. Pizza is eternal.

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We can go on for days just talking about how great pizza is. But, we think you already know. 

Pizza is love. Pizza is life. Here's a list of our favourite pizzas in the city. Enjoy.

The Five Cheese - Rocco's

No stranger to the residents in Rajagiriya and Nawala, Rocco's has been one of the few consistently good Italian restaurants. While we weren't particularly overjoyed by their Gamberetti, we were definitely impressed by their Five Cheese Pizza. Positively loaded with it, this should definitely be a must have if you're craving excessive amounts of cheese on bread.

Pollo Picante Pizza - Il Ponte (Hilton)

We haven't gone to Il Ponte in a while. However, it remains to this day, one of the oldest and best Italian restaurants in town. Smothered by cheese and having plenty of roast chicken pieces, the Pollo Picante Pizza was huge for its price and totally worth everything you pay for it. 

Pepperoni Phony - Sugar Beach 

Surrounded by beautiful palm-dotted beaches, Sugar Beach in Mount probably has one of the nicest ambiences on this list. They're pretty popular for their wood-fired pizza, and the Pepperoni Phony pizza was particularly great. Smoky and soft pieces of pepperoni, generously layered with mozzarella, it was the real deal. 

Pizza Fra Diavolo - Harpo's 

Succulent and flavourful, the Pizza Fra Diavolo at the Harpo's was the bomb! The amount of delicious and spicy prawns that was in it was crazy. We were chewing prawns in every bite. They were cooked perfectly with garlic and onions, later marinated in a red wine sauce. Hats off to the Buffalo Caprese, but, the Pizza Fra Diavolo stole the show on this one. 

Pollo e Spezie - Dolce Italia 

Bubbling when it arrived, the Pollo e Spezie was basically, perfection. With the perfect amount of cheese and onion and chicken that actually tasted like chicken curry, we loved this rendition of pizza from Dolce Italia. Also, what makes this pizza more special was the fact that Dolce Italia happens to grow their own tomatoes and make their own sauces. 

The Pol Sambol - Cafe Michaelangelo 

Cafe Michaelangelo has been there for a while now, and they're quite busy too. The speciality about Michaelangelo's is the fact that they have a few Lankanised toppings. We went with the Pol Sambol and we really really liked it. With the perfect amount of sweetness, spice and tartness from lime, this would make anyone's inner JehanR practically scream with glee.

 Bismarck - Romano Italian Kitchen 

Romano's is a pretty good spot if you're looking for authentic Italian pizza and you're in the area. We loved their Bismarck pizza. Splattered with a generous amount of well-cooked beef, a sunny side up egg and an abundance of roasted veggies, this was brilliant. 

 Quattro Formaggi - Fire and Ice Pizzeria

Founded by an Italian chef from Naples, Fire & Ice Pizzeria is a popular pizza chain, and now they are in Colombo too. We've tried them many a time, and never been disappointed. Presenting a gentle whiff of gorgonzola, followed by its sharp flavours mingled with other kinds of cheeses, their Quattro Formaggi is the most wonderful combination of bread and cheese imaginable. We highly recommend that you give it a shot.

Bufalina - Next Innings 

Filling the void of Colombo's sports lounges, (or lack thereof) Next Innings is one of Colombo's newest restaurants by Celeb Chef Darshan Munidasa and the duo of Mahela and Sanga. And as always, they've managed to make something killer out of it. They do a range of Neapolitan pizza, and they've put all the effort to make it authentic as possible, by using imported ingredients like Caputo flour (from Italy), and cooking them from the world's only leather ball mosaic tiled pizza oven.

We tried their Bufalina pizza, and it was excellent. With a wonderfully raise-edged dough and wide coverage of spicy 'Nduja paste and delicate buffalo mozzarella balls, we're in love with it. 

 Quattro Formagi - Belmio Pizza 

Belmio is a place in Thalawathugoda that serves up some of the best pizza in the area. The best part about it is that you can go all out in customizing your pizza to exactly the way you want it to be. However, our favourite of the ones we got was the Quattro Formagi with bacon and black olives. The Quattro Formaggi at Belmio is particularly good because they get fresh batches of ricotta from a farm in Giriulla. 

Beefy Masshap - Napoli Artisan Pizza

Napoli Artisan is one of Colombo's newer members of the pizza family. With generous amounts of fried beef and plenty of cheese, this blew our minds on the first bite. We genuinely hope you try it out. 

All Meat - Giovanni's 

If you love pizza and you live in Colombo, it's nearly impossible to not know about Giovanni's. With the best pizza in town, we love, love, LOVE the pizza at Giovanni's. We have more than one favourites here, but based on everyone's votes, it had to be the All Meat Pizza. 

Just so you know, this was one of the hardest articles to write. Nevertheless, it had to be done. Sigh. Anyway, there you have it, 12 slices of YAMU's favourite pizzas that we have devoured and loved over the years. Let us know about your favourites in the comment section. 

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