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5 Best Dishes of the Month - August

These are the five best dishes we had throughout this month.

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It's almost the end of August, and here are five of the best dishes we've tried throughout this month. 

Creamy Prawn Tortilla - Roti Cafe by the Travelling KOMBI

Roti Cafe by the Travelling KOMBI has been making appearances in Colombo's food festivals, and now they've established a restaurant of their own down Pamankada Road. Their specialty is roti, and they make very good ones paired with some great curries/fillings. 

The Creamy Prawn Tortilla (Rs. 450) we had here was excellent, which comes with succulent prawns cooked in light creamy sauce. It had around ten well-cooked prawns, chewy, and adequately peppery, with a hint of garlic.

While the flavors of tomato and creamy sauce nicely emerged through the filling, the abundance of crunchy lettuce added a really nice fresh feel to it. Although, we wish if the tortilla was already cut into pieces, because it's not easily cut through from the knife they gave us.

Hot Butter Cuttlefish - JoJo's Place

To any sensible Sri Lankan, discovering a good HBC causes great happiness, which is exactly what we felt after having a bite of JoJo’s Hot Butter Cuttlefish (Rs. 850). It was sharp, piping hot, with the perfect crisp of the batter, and had an incredible flavor. The pieces were just the right size, and they weren’t dripping with oil, which is another good thing. While enhancing the flavor, the caramelized onions and the greens added color to the whole dish.

Daifuku Mochi & Ice Cream - Ikoi Tei

Ikoi Tei is one of Colombo's finest sushi parlors, and their Daifuku Mochi & Ice Cream (Rs. 950) is one of the best desserts we got to try out this month. For those who you don’t know what Mochi is - it’s Japanese rice cake made with special glutinous rice. Daifuku Mochi is the same thing but is usually filled with sweet or savoury pastes containing ingredients like red bean.

The Mochi balls come in a variety of flavours, and we had the Black Sesame Mochi served with a scoop of Matcha ice cream. Oh my gosh, it was incredible! The mochi was chewy and rich, and the black sesame + matcha combo is a match made in heaven.

Fish & Chips - Coco Veranda

Our recent experience at Coco Veranda was a hit-and-miss, but we were able to discover something really interesting. They do a brilliant plate of Fish & Chips, which comes with with a side of tartar sauce, fries and a slice of lemon. The batter was light, crunchy and not in the least bit oily. The fish was cooked simply with just a little bit of salt and nothing else, which we quite enjoyed. The tartar sauce wasn't the best, but adequately complemented the fish.

Apple Pie - Sugar Beach

Replacing the old La Voile Blanche, Sugar Beach is a well kept, beautiful restaurant on Mount Lavinia beach, that serves up some great food and powerful cocktails for a decent fare. Anyway, the highlight of our meal was their Apple Pie (Rs. 650), which is doubtlessly one of the best Apple Pies we’ve ever come across.

Its crust was tender enough that it flakes in your mouth into buttery shards, and it wasn’t sog-out from the juicy, deliciously soury bits of apple that melt in our mouth.The apple filling itself had a hint of cinnamon, which didn't overpower the stewed apple flavor. Paired with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream, this is definitely worth every single cent you pay for it.

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