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5 Best Dishes To Pair With Your Cola

5 dishes that go well with an ice cold Cola.

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This post is brought to you by Coca-Cola.
Doesn't matter what corner of the country you live in, some food pairings are unbeatable, and timeless. They're loved by many, so over the time, they're treated as one, because we're so used to the fact that one cannot exist with the other. Mac & cheese, peanut butter & jelly, and kiribath & katta sambol - you get the gist. 

But there are certain foods that you can pair with almost anything. It's like a constant that works with any kind of flavor, from bitter to saltiness and sweetness to spiciness. Hot plain tea, crispy bacon, and of course, chilled Coca-Cola.

Spicy Chicken Wings - The Irish

The Irish is an exclusive new addition to Colombo's watering hole scene. Their Spicy Chicken Wings (Rs. 750) is probably one of the best tapas in Colombo. Drenched in a tangy Korean BBQ sauce, that complements the whole dish rather than overpowering it, the meat itself is tender and has a firm exterior. The citrusy hints of Coke can certainly elevate its flavors. 

Kiss of the Dragon - Box-O-Noodles

Box-O-Noodles is a resto adjoining the popular Big Bad Wolf. Their specialty is noodles, and they do it in many interesting ways. If you're a fan of the Tom Yum sauce, the Kiss of the Dragon (Rs. 600) is your safest bet here. It's basically a pad thai noodles cooked in an abundance of Tom Yum sauce, and also has plenty of cuttlefish, prawn, chicken and seafood bits to go with every forkful. The punch from Tom Yum is quite strong here - so a sip from Coke can provide you with a welcome relief from all that heat. 

Four Cheese Pizza - Giovanni's

Pizza and Coke is always a good combo. And it's even better when you have the best Four Cheese Pizza in Colombo.

Dripping with Gorgonzola (blue cheese), Ricotta, Parmesan, and good old Mozzarella, Giovanni's Four Cheese Pizza clocks in at Rs. 1400, and it's good as it can get. The crust is succulent and deliciously crispy, while the basil leaves on top give a fresh feel on the palate. So good! 

Chicken Lamprais - The Fab

Sri Lanka is home to a myriad of short-eats, and The Fab is a popular option at that. But we consistently find ourselves at The Fab for a better reason - their Chicken Lamprais (Rs. 440).   

This stuff is nowhere near an authentic lamprai, but it's so darn good. Bursting the seams with chicken stock infused Samba rice, curried chicken, shrimp blanchan, brinjal pahi, ash plantain curry, frikkadel, seeni sambol and a boiled egg, this one is like a dance of different flavors that you can nicely pair with a Coke on the side. 

Hot Butter Cuttlefish - Randoli

We spent years of researching, testing, and tasting Hot Butter Cuttlefish, to discover the best of that kind, and around one year ago, our quest came to an end. The verdict is Randoli Sports Club. From flavor, execution to spices, it's a plateful of happiness that you can enjoy with some good old fried rice, a chilled beer or a Coca-Cola. You can read more about it on our YAMU Loves piece

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