5 Iconic Chicken Biriyanis In Colombo (2021)

5 biriyanis, one ultimate champion - who'd that be?

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YAMU has been on a quest to find the best biriyani in Colombo for quite some time now. Our mission was to find the best chicken-based biriyani (regular/tikka/tandoori), and in this article, we present our findings. 
For the past eight years or so, we've had our fair share of biriyani, some great ones at that, so it wasn't exactly easy to narrow it down to just one. Therefore, we decided on five top, iconic chicken-based biriyanis, along with the "King Biriyani" - the ultimate champion!
[In here, what we've mostly looked for is the taste above all, the authenticity of it, the spices infused, and also the quality and texture of the rice. Also, we have considered the restaurant-made biriyanis only].

Chicken Biriyani - Kandoori

Kandoori's regular Chicken Biriyani (Rs. 640) is pretty legit and has been so for many years now. It has a nice masala taste that spreads throughout every grain of basmati and the layers of the chicken. The chicken is tender, falls off the bone so effortlessly, and creates a piquant burst by ensembling the meat flavour with all the spices. 

Tandoori Chicken Biriyani - Chana's

Chana's does a good Chicken Biriyani, but their Tandoori one is better. Priced at Rs. 750 (for regular size), this whole biriyani has a wonderful smoky aroma to it, all thanks to the properly done tandoori chicken. With a fine red hue, the chicken has a slightly tough surface, leaving the inside to be all juicy. It's well-marinated, and have had just the right touch from the tandoor. The rice is fluffy, and the seasoning is simply incredible with its lovely masala note.

Chicken Biriyani - Royal Biriyani

At a glance, Royal Biriyani may look like a hole in the wall, but they make some fantastic biriyani and BBQ. The Chicken Biriyani (Rs. 580), in particular, presents a mingle of sweet, sour and spicy, at the right balance. Fragrant and flavourful, and there's a chockful of spices wrapped around the chicken, which further enhances the overall flavour. 

Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani - The Biriyani Restaurant

Biriyani is not just food at The Biriyani Restaurant - it's science. The kitchen is their lab, where they conduct all the biriyani-related experiments and the end result is always great. This Chicken Biriyani (Rs. 550) has good-quality basmati, mixed in with a load of aromatics and spices, making every bite absolutely rich. They use the traditional Kacchi-style to make this biriyani, which allows the flavour of the spice-packed, delicately pink coloured chicken to release its meaty goodness and rest with the rice beautifully.

Chicken Tikka Biriyani - Chola Authentic Indian Restaurant

All hail the "King Biriyani"!!!

What's so good about Chola's Chicken Tikka Biriyani (Rs. 1025), you ask? The flavour, the spices, the authenticity, EVERYTHING! It's basically an explosive combination of spices, luscious stock, and a pile of excellently prepared chicken tikka buried underneath the high quality, saffron-infused rice. Gorgeously orange in colour, the chicken itself is smoky, sweet and zesty, which perfectly complements the well-executed biriyani rice. It's evident that the brilliant spicy mix in the chicken tikka contributes a lot to produce this stellar flavour profile.