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5 Things You Can Book Right Now

5 great things you can book online in a second - from car painting to indoor cricket!

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Running errands, arranging appointments, and getting stuff done can be annoying - especially when you've got to book in advance! Check out if you want to book something.

They've also got this easy and convenient chatbot on Facebook Messenger which works as a sort of personal assistant that you can use to book whatever you like from their site.

As of now, the site has a lot of listings and will soon become a full-fledged booking marketplace. Here are a few spots you can already book online in a minute or less!

1. Vehicle Services

Don't get ripped off by auto mechanics again. Choose a reputed brand and technicians to maintain your vehicle at a fixed price, and at a time and date that's actually convenient for you! 

Vendors include:

2. Spas & Tattoo Parlours

Adulting is hard work. You're undoubtedly battling work-driven fatigue, back pain, or general stress. Get yourself a proper, luxurious full body ayurvedic massage for as low as Rs. 3500 with no booking hassle.

Alternatively, if you're thinking of booking an appointment with a tattoo parlour and don't want to go through the ordeal of using the phone, then you can choose from a number of places on the site!

Vendors include:

3. Aerial Flower Drops

Whether it's a proposal, wedding, concert, or celebration, aerial flower drops are the final word in over the top romance! Book a time and date for your special occasion and have your event showered in gorgeous petals.

Vendors include:

4. Pet Care

When it comes to pet care, your pets deserve only the best. Book an appointment with a certified vet in no time at all. From consultations to pet sitting, they've got vets that'll do their best to keep your little friends healthy and happy. 

Vendors include:

5. Health & Fitness

Keep up with your health appointments! Whether you want to book a dentist or an appointment at the gym, these guys pretty much have it all.

Vendors include:


Stay tuned to the sponsor of this article,, for more of their listings, booking options, and other offers! If you're a business looking to register, just get in touch via their site. You can also introduce your merchant if it isn't listed on the website.

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