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5 Ways For Restaurants On PickMe Food To Sustain Revenue

These 5 simple things can go a long way.

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As the world is marching towards a mobilised approach due to COVID-19 pandemic, all the businesses, including restaurants need to meet the popular demand. Signing up with a delivery platform like PickMe Food will take you one step closer to this new phenomenon, but it's not enough unless you're aware of the mechanisms to make the best out of it.

While delivering through PickMe Food will strengthen the bond you have with your existing customers and introduce your restaurant and food to a whole new audience, there are certain things that you absolutely must consider; especially to sustain revenue in your business. 

Time Is Everything

Expanded opening times improve your availability, and thus makes it easier for the customers to discover you. Whether it be late-night grub or early breakfasts, extended opening times can help you stand out from the rest. Evaluate the capacity of your staff, their availability and then consult your account manager about the possibility of making it so. 

Expanded Offerings/ New Menus

If you're a restaurant specialised in dinner, why not introduce a lunch menu as well? Or perhaps a breakfast spread? It can be something really simple along the lines of popular staples, but curated with a unique twist that your restaurant is well known for. That way, the customers will recognise your restaurant as a place that caters to different meal times, while helping you to increase your availability.

With the prevailing situation in the country, you might find it difficult to be consistent with the regular menus due to capacity constraints and the lack of supplies. Or, there could be a scenario that current conditions are not quite in favour of popular demand. In such cases, instead of presenting yourself with a limited menu, craft up an alternative menu or a range of affordable meals that can make your customer happy. 

Be A Star On Managing The PickMe Food Merchant App

Making yourself a reliable vendor helps you draw more customers, which will lead to a loyal fan base. Ordering food through an app is a convenient option for many, but what's even more important is living up to its word. There are a number of simple things that you can do to make it happen, and they can take you a long way.

Always be quick to accept orders; customers find that quick response very tempting. Proper management of your inventory is much needed, as it allows you to track the availability of certain dishes/ingredients in an easier manner.

In cases of unavailability, don't straightly go to the next easy option, which is cancelling the order. Contact the customer and see whether you can offer an alternative. While placing your good image in consumer's mind, it will help you to make a sale as well.

Furthermore, if there's a delay in orders being picked up, make sure you let the customers know as soon as you can, as an attempt to manage their expectations and avoid cancellations. Despite the current circumstances, PickMe Food is doing their best to assign an available delivery partner as soon as they can.

Up Your Marketing Game

Social media plays a vital role in the marketing game now. It's effective, known to deliver promising results and easy to adopt.

Frequently upload the pictures of your dishes, the new insertions to the menu, delivery announcements and offers, while engaging with your followers, so your presence on social media is well established. If you have the capacity to run promotions, these social media platforms are ideal for that too. 

PickMe Food is your most prominent advocate in this regard. They'll happily support you by reposting and sharing these images/flyers/posters related to delivery options/offers via PickMe Food, which will bring more exposure and visibility to your brand.

Furthermore, you can easily use the deeplinks to direct your customers to the restaurant. Search for your restaurant on PickMe Customer app and select "Share" on the top right corner to grab your deeplink.

Enable Self-pickup

Some customers prefer to skip the waiting time of their deliveries, which is why they find self-pickup option quite handy. By enabling this feature for your restaurant, you will be able to serve that customer base too. 

If you haven't already signed up as a restaurant partner on PickMe Food, please follow this link - ​ and fill in your request. The PickMe Food team will evaluate and get back to you on the possibility of onboarding the restaurant during this time.

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