6 Things We're Gonna Miss About Working From Home

Working from home is about to come to an end.

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The lockdown-like situation has come to an end, the curfew laws have been relaxed and sooner or later, we'll be back to working-from-office. While it will be all nice to be out in the sun, most of us have grown to like working-from-home.
So here are a few things that we're gonna miss about it.

Not Wearing Pants

Well, let's admit it. Working in your jungies/PJs is hella fun! You're all cosy in your home with a cup of freshly brewed coffee/tea in your hand, there's no one to give you the stink eye, and frankly, you get all the work done, right? So be proud of that, you magnificent little sunbeam!

Zoom Meetings

You may be in your underwear but the instant flip from that to camera-ready Zoom meeting mode is an ability that many of us excel at now. 

Homemade Food Galore

Despite the massive number of restaurants that have been delivering food amid curfew, most of us have been sticking to homemade food, simply because of the safety concerns. One can eat only so much rice and curry, but our love for homemade food will never fade.

Rocking Out

No one would blast at you for listening to music at the office (unless it's the only thing you do), but when you do that, headphones are a must. When you're working from home, however, you can rock out to your heart's content. 

Working From Anywhere

The bed, couch, veranda, balcony, kitchen, garden; when you work from home, your workstation could be literally anywhere. 


Ah, time! The biggest enemy. It's not just about the hours you'll have to spend again to get ready in the morning, or in heavy traffic jams, but also the time you're gonna miss spending with your family. 

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