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6 Beautiful Wooden Cottages Under 10k

As you might remember, a while back we compiled a list of cottages around Sri Lanka that costs less than Rs. 10k per…

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Living in an island that has a plethora of glorious sunsets, turquoise waters, mountains that rise into the sky, radiant green forests with a vast ecological biodiversity, is totally bragworthy. Whether you are a travelholic or not, you probably have a bucket list of places, or at least a dream to explore all these locations through your lifetime. So why have you been putting it off?

Cost-cutting? Laziness? Too busy? YAHAPALANAYA?

While we don't have a solution for the last three problems, we can help you with the first one. Yes, travelling is going to cost you money, but it doesn't mean that you have to wait until you're flush with cash. There're plenty of good hotels in Sri Lanka which offer you comfortable stays, along with the chance to enjoy the best parts of our country, and some delicious food. 

As you might remember, a while back we compiled a list of cottages around Sri Lanka that costs less than Rs. 10k per night. And here are six more places to add to that list. 

Manthally Cabanas (0776868705)

Manthali Cabanas gives you the best of both worlds - the beach and the woods. These gorgeously handcrafted cabanas are located in Hikkaduwa, about 10-15 minute walk away from the alluring seashores of Hikka.

The jungle its surrounded by is no Sinharaja - it’s more of a scrub jungle, but it has a bunch of stuff that any nature enthusiast can enjoy, explore and observe.

The cabanas are mainly two types; Hoona, and Peacock, starting from Rs. 8000 and goes up to Rs. 10000. They’ve also got a plunge pool if sea bathing isn’t your thang. Aside from the well-appointed rooms, the service and the food that these luxurious chalets offer are rumoured to be impeccable.

Ella Tree House

Nestled on a stretch of Ella rock, Ella Tree House is a wonderful escape to the wilderness. Be it a birdwatcher, wanderluster or a dendrophile, this place is a real treat for anyone.

Located in a close proximity to the Ella rock and Kithal Ella, this area is known for its rich bird diversity. Based on what you enjoy the most, you can choose between their Cabana with Wood, Rock Cabana and Tree House. The view is of course spectacular from here, and it includes Little Adams Peak, as well as the mountain range of Ella kapolla.

The cabanas are priced at Rs. 6500 and upwards, while the tree house goes to Rs. 17000, depending on the deal you get on reservation websites.  

Travellers Hideout

Tucked away in a grove of Batugammana, Travellers Hideout is a quiet and private tree house resort in Monaragala, that suits best for a peaceful weekend getaway. It boasts a lush biodiversity, from birds and reptiles to bears and elephants, along with some of the best views of Ella mountain range.

Each tree house is priced less than Rs. 9000, and they offer some good locally sourced food, among other things.

Heaven Natural

Just on the edge of Rangirigama, Heaven Natural is indeed a natural heaven incorporated with some of the best features of village life, jungle expanses and the green mountains. It’s a lavish swank that comes with an upscale selection of cottages that includes well equipped, handcrafted bathtubs.

This place is located in close proximity to the Pidurangala rock, Sigiriya rock and Rangirigama lake that awaits the explorer in you.

The prices here are surprisingly low. Starting from Rs. 5000, they also offer cozy tents, while the cottages are priced at Rs. 4000 and up.

Sigiri Queen's

Sigiri Queen's bungalow is nothing impressive, but their tree house allows a dream getaway. Established in a close distance to the Pidurangala rock and Sigiriya, it's an ideal place to stay in, do rock climbing, explore wildlife, while having a one of a kind rustic experience paired with some delicious Lankan food.

From Budget Double rooms to Family rooms, Sigiri Queen's prices range between Rs. 2000 - 6000.

Kumbuk Sevena (0777074381)

Perched on the seluded shores of Bibila reservoir, Kumbuk Sevena is a place to induldge both cottage and camping experiences. Priced at Rs. 4000 - 7000 a night, they've got a lot to offer - from river bathing, biodiversity to Western and Sri Lankan cuisines. 

Please note that the prices change depending on the season and timings, type of room  and deals available. Therefore, check for updated rates.

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