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8 Types Of Foodies At A Lankan Wedding

Every Lankan wedding has these foodies. Which one are you?

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Weddings are these big romantic celebrations, but for die-hard foodies, it means something even more. The memory of a good wedding is always affiliated with the food they had the pleasure of indulging in, and we can't quite judge them because who in their right mind would hate free food?
But, it's not always true. While some of these foodies are super stoked for the buffet to open, there are a bunch of others who are not quite keen about it. 
Here's a list of some tasteful foodies at Lankan weddings that we all can relate to. Do let us know if you've bumped into one or more of these guys! 


Snackers aren't focused on the wedding buffet, as they live for the stuff that comes before that. Their eyes sparkle when the snacks are not limited to just cocktail mixtures or tempered chickpeas. If there's a Snacker at your table, you're bound to get frequent visits by the waitstaff, as the Snacker has a natural ability to draw them to your table. 


While others start their feast with soups, salads or rice & curry, the Dessertholics directly hit the dessert aisle of the buffet, first. 

The Socialite

#foodporn is their favourite hashtag and they're often the last ones to eat as they spend more time on the phone; taking pictures of the buffet, the plate, the snacks, the wedding cake and the drinks. 

"One last shot, machang!"

Oh yes, the drinkers! It could be the wedding of the secret archenemy, but booze is the only excuse they need to be at a wedding. Getting them away from the bar (so the gang can FINALLY eat) is a task itself as they want to have at least five "one-last-shots" before doing so. 

The Snob

Nothing in the world can make them happy, so they complain about everything. They would find faults, from preparation to presentation to ingredients to flavours; even in the most perfect wedding buffet. How about you just appreciate the fact that you were invited to this wedding, eh pal? Because chances are, you might be the last person that they wanted to see at the wedding. 

The Cake Stealer

Always makes greedy eyes on the boxes of wedding cakes placed in front of empty seats and snatches them at the first chance they get. Their purses/pockets are often quite heavy as they had been stuffed with wedding cakes. 

Fitness Freak

They can't eat without counting calories, even at a wedding. Hangs out at the salad bar, and the dessert corner; but that's just for the fruits. 

The Gobblers

Now they know how to feast alright! Food is what encourages them to be at any social event, and weddings are their favourite. They never leave a station without having a spoonful of every single dish in it. And if they like what they eat (they generally do), they return for more!

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