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A Cheesy-Loaded Slice With A Lankan Touch

Domino's has a new Sri Lankan pizza range now.

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*This post is brought to you by Domino's Pizza.

The streets of Colombo has been mushrooming with new gourmet pizza joints for the past couple of years, but the good ol' Domino's still has a pizza our heart. For a few, it's where they get their regular guilty pizza. Some choose it for the super valued-added deals. And as for the rest, it's nostalgia. I belong to the third kind. Not to sound so cheesy, but I still remember my first slice from Domino's, in 2003.

Domino's has been slicing it up in Sri Lanka for nearly two decades now, with different twists and turns to make their product interesting, without harming its core value and flavour. And this time around, they're adding a sprinkle of Lankan magic to this cheesy-loaded treat.

Domino's Sri Lankan Pizza Range

This new range of Sri Lankan Pizzas by Domino's has three flavours - Sri Lankan Spicy Veg, Sri Lankan Chicken Curry and Sri Lankan Meaty. During our visit, we managed to snag a taste of all three of them.

Glammed up with chunks of onions, red paprika and bell pepper, the Spicy Veg is a good bet if you're looking for something without meat, but spicy and cheesy.

Hidden underneath this gorgeous blanket of mozzarella lies a layer of well-curried up chicken. They're juicy, nicely packed with spices, and has a fine balance of flavours.

Saving our favourite for last, the Sri Lankan Meaty. Featuring a generous assortment of Sri Lankan-style BBQ chicken, hot-wave chicken and Mutton Keema, this one is a mouthful of meat fiesta.

Wanna Pizza This?

Domino's has a bunch of convenient ordering options to ensure that you get your food in the most hassle-free manner. These three new flavours and all the others are available for dine-in, pickup, takeaway and delivery.

If you wish to order in the comfort of your own home, we highly recommend their mobile app, which requires just a few taps on your phone screen. You can download it via
Google Play/Apple App Store App:

Or, visit - their mobile website. It's quite smooth, fast and super easy. You can buzz them up at 0117777888 for more details. 

The delivery won't take more than 30 minutes. They take strict food safety and hygiene delivery protocols, so once the pizzas leave their 480 F ovens, the first and only hands to touch them would be yours. Plus, they highly encourage contactless delivery as well.

Domino's keeps their doors open from 11.00 AM to 11.00 PM every day, while adhering to the health guidelines issued by the government. They do a temperature check at the entrance, provide hand sanitising facilities, and the seating arrangement helps to maintain the proper physical distance among each other. Furthermore, the staff is all geared up with facemasks and hand gloves too.

We enjoyed our Sri Lankan Pizza session at Domino's and we're sure that you'd too. Check with your nearest Domino's about these new flavours - it's worth checking out!

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