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A Curry To Your Paan: YAMU's Favourite Meat/Seafood Curries in CMB

9 awesome curries to adorn your paan with.

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Though we live in a buth island, our love for paan is eternal. One cannot simply say no to the pleasure of scooping and mopping up a delicious curry with some paan, and that's for a very good reason. Over the years, we at YAMU have indulged in a countless number of meat curries, and in this list, we have chosen our absolute favourites. 

Spicy Negombo Devilled Crab - The Fat Crab

A fleshy, succulent crab smothered with pepper and chilli flakes, this Spicy Negombo Devilled Crab comes with a good serving of gravy hidden underneath. With the perfect balance between sweet and spicy, it has a subtle sour kick running through, adding an extra depth to the flavour profile. One of the perks of dining at The Fat Crab is that every feast is accompanied by some creamy dhal curry and dynamite pol sambol which makes everything in the world so perfect. 

Northern Twist - Isso

Colombo's one and only spot for prawn-cravings, Isso's attempt in creating Jaffna flavours is brilliant. Emphasised on the tamarind and a peppery hit at the end, it's offered with a gravy that's not only rich in flavour but also absolutely creamy in texture. The addition of curry leaves makes it irresistibly aromatic. 

Pork Curry - Sath Ambula (The Grove)

Reminiscing the flavours of the black pork curry, but with a bit of gravy, Sath Ambula's take on pork curry features a whole lot of meaty bits and less oily cuts. It's not very sour like the typical black pork curry, but is loaded with curry to taste, and the gravy has a slightly oily texture to it; which could be unhealthy, but delicious nonetheless. 

Mutton Chettinad - Chola Authentic Indian Restaurant

A luscious gravy well-infused with spices, this Mutton Chettinad by Chola does the justice to the signature Chettinad flavours. The gravy here is so decadent that you can taste that even from the most inner layer of the well-cooked through, soft meat. 

Cuttlefish Curry - Cafe 47

Chunks of slightly chewy, yet soft cuttlefish dunked in a gravy that's lavished with a blend of spices that portrays Sri Lanka's finest, this Cuttlefish curry by Cafe 47 is one of the best in that kind. Plus, it's served with the BEST, and the freshest batch of roast paan, dhal curry and pol sambol; nothing can beat that combo. 

Chicken Curry - 1979 Coco Hut 

The rice and curry counterpart of 1979, Coco Hut does a superb chicken curry and now it's our favourite in the city. Immersed in a gravy full of curry notes, the chicken itself has its fair share of meaty flavours and spiciness to boot which is ideal for if you've got some freshly baked paan.

Chicken Liver Curry - Pela (Delkanda)

Boasting a superb curry flavour blended with some good old goraka and pepper, this chicken liver curry is a must-try. Unfortunately, it's not available every day, so you might want to call ahead and check with them. 

Beef Korma - Chana's

Presenting a thick gravy packed with herbs and curry flavour, the beef korma by Chana's is a wonderfully beefy choice to go with your paan. There's a slight coconutty character to its gravy, which stands out in between the bold notes of curry, making everything interesting and well-balanced. 

Any Seafood/Meat Curry - Praneetha

From chicken to beef to pork to a sheer range of seafood varying from cuttlefish, crab and prawns, Praneetha has got you covered with every meat/seafood curry imaginable. They cook them in different styles too; kirata (with milk), mirisata (with a lot of spices), stewed, and devilled etc. The spicy ones usually have a dash of nai miris in them, which adds that smokey kick to the overall flavour and it's amazing with paan

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