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A Marvel Cinematic Experience With Nations Trust Bank American Express

Enjoy 20% savings on movie tickets with Nations Trust Bank.

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We all love comic books, superheroes and cartoons. What makes 2019 so amazing is the fact that all this we loved comes to life on the silver screen!

This March, the acclaimed Marvel Cinematic Universe brings to you one of its most anticipated heroes and its very first female lead superhero film. And from Disney, comes back with a wave of nostalgia, a remastered version of one of our favourite childhood movies.

That's right. Captain Marvel and Dumbo are here!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) has grown exponentially amazing over the past decade, as we see more of our favourite superheroes from childhood comic books and cartoons take to the movie screen.  This year, the MCU treats us to a few amazing delights, starting with the studio's very first female superhero lead movie, Captain Marvel! 

Releasing coinciding International Women's Day, the origin story of Carol Danvers has already made a mark on the world even before its release. The story follows the origins of Carol Danvers, who possesses the powers of superhuman strength due to her infusion of alien DNA gets her caught up the struggle between two alien races right on Earth. Captain Marvel has received positive reviews, claiming the movie to be entertaining, enjoyable and savvy. The MCU has certainly taken the best steps to take this movie higher, further and faster!

Awakening the inner child in us all with a straight shot of nostalgia, Disney brings to life the story of Dumbo, in an all-new live-action remake. Dumbo, a newborn elephant calf is ridiculed for his oddly large ears, but these grant him the ability to fly! This time, we will walk, rather fly alongside the playful pachyderm as he becomes the star attraction of the circus. This movie is bound to have us in tears of nostalgia.

So, here's our whale call to all you movie lovers that are almost at fever pitch with all the Marvel conspiracy theories on Youtube because the wait is over. 

Which brings us to the point. You can enjoy 20% savings on your movie tickets this March. Whether it be for Captain Marvel, Dumbo or any Hollywood blockbuster by ordering your tickets through the 444 services via the app or the website with your Nations Trust Bank American Express Card. 

We doubt you need us to elaborate. So, go on. Make sure to check out all those blockbusters this March, because Nations Trust Bank American Express has got you covered!

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