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Anime and Bento at KIKU: An Experience

KIKU is one of my personal favourites, and they're gaining a lot of traction amongst the CMB crowd as well. They're starting a…

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Note: This isn't a biased review. Nor is it a sponsored post. I admit that I quite like KIKU for their ambience and food, but this is just a blog post detailing their Anime x Bento night. We'll be covering other noteworthy events around the city as well. 

Colombo is never short of happenings and shindigs. We're advancing into an era where local events increasingly get interest and traction by the day. Some are thoughtfully curated, some are fun, and some are outright robust. But whatever said and done, they're all worth clearing out your calendar for. 

KIKU has started to dip into the events pool, having recently hosted a cocktail night about a month ago. This time, they put up a poster advertising their Anime x Bento Night, where they screened an anime film and served bento bowls to all those who attended. Here's how it went.

I got there way too early and they weren't open at the time (they usually close at around 5:00-5:30). The event was scheduled to start at 7:30 and I had way too much time to kill, so make sure you don't make that same mistake. 

The Deal

So a ticket costs a rather hefty Rs. 2500. I will admit that it isn't a light purchase, but the bento bowl and the ambience make up for it. A bit hypocritical of me to put it like that really, but this is a special event so it's okay I suppose. 

You get a massive bento bowl, you're allowed to bring your own alcohol (light liquor), and just socialise at will. Plus, there's the anime film as well. 

The Ambience

They switched their seating around so it was essentially a bunch of couches facing a blank wall. That's where the picture was projected onto. A simple setting really. 

All the lights were turned out for the duration of the movie. What movie you ask? Hayao Miyazaki's acclaimed My Neighbor Totoro

The Movie & Experience

Coincidentally I've seen all the Studio Ghibli films save for this one. I initially put it off because it starts with quite a bit of yelling and loud noise, so I never thought to give it a shot.
Just my luck it was screened on that day, but as I sat through it I found it to be endearing and quite understand why it received critical praise worldwide. The level of skill taken to illustrate and animate this movie is evident in its execution. If you haven't seen it yet, please do. But first, Princess Mononoke. 

The bento bowl was a massive dish. I might not get all the details right on account of how dark it was when they handed them out,  but I shall try. It came well stocked with garlic rice as a base, roast baby carrots, a whole load of diced avocado and cucumber, some deliciously prepared chicken and tons of chunky shiitake mushroom slices. The bowl is garnished with pomegranate seeds, toasted sesame, and nori (seaweed) strips. 
I won't go into too much detail; everything was fresh and of prime quality. Was the bowl good overall? Deliciously so. 


I can't tell you that you HAVE to try their next event out. But stay tuned, you just might find an event that'll pique your interest. Also, don't go early. 

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