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Are you Really A Foodie?

Here's a list of things to check off before calling yourself a foodie.

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The term foodie came into the world way back in the '80s and since then, it's pretty much had a steady rise in terms of usage. Particularly now. 

With half the population having the word in their Instagram bios and the other half detesting the word itself, we decided to compile a list of things that we think what a true foodie should be. 


If you've got a gallery filled with random plates of food that you happened to find really interesting, chances are you're a lot closer to being a foodie than you thought. Because the sad truth that we all must face is that not everyone who posts a picture of their food on social media really appreciates it.


If you like to refer to yourself as a "Foodie" but you wind up getting the same exact plate if food every single time you go out, you might be doing it wrong, friend. One who can refer to themselves as a foodie tries to cover the entire menu than playing it safe. 

Travel involves a lot of food 

We all like to travel, but very few of us go out of our way to actually see what’s good in terms of local cuisine. Whether it be in trying out how good cockroach really is, or some exotic plant that's supposed to taste like chicken, there isn't anything that can come between you and your instinct to go for it, even if it does result in a very severe case of warts, in which case we suggest you be cautious. 

Spends a lot of time in the kitchen

Foodies often try to recreate the flavours they tried at different restaurants. They might not go well all the time, especially if you're referring to some unbelievably easy, two/three-ingredient recipes on Tasty/Pinterest, but it's the attempt that counts above all. 

You don’t need the waiter for everything 

There's a lot of food in the world so asking a waiter about what kind of food you're getting isn't something to be ashamed of. It's better to ask what this obnoxious looking French word means than to get a bowl of live squid. And that's not what we mean. What we really mean is the ability to figure out what really went on in at least some (or even better, most!) Of the dishes that you want to get served up. 

That being said, not knowing what something is is all right. 

You notice things other people do not

Whether it be the added touch of sweet, spicy lemongrass or in the realisation that the added sprinkle of sugar on your bread pudding adds a crunch, you tend to see things other people do not, and that is essential for this particular subject at hand. 

Food stories

Everyone loves a good story, but you would be surprised as to how many people actually enjoy learning about the past of certain kinds of food. Through wars and invasions and so many other things, food has a load of stories surrounding it and if you're interested in how far it goes, chances are likely that you're in some ways, a foodie. 

A food snob

Don't get us wrong. We don’t mean food snob in the way of someone going to Aluthkade and not eating because the food didn’t look clean and you didn’t like the people. What we’re getting at with this is about those people who don’t believe in substandard food. 

 It doesn’t matter if the food came from a shanty or a Shangri-La, what matters is that the food was made with care because substandard food can be bad, on some unfortunate occasions. 

Aye, we can go further into detail, but we would rather not. That being said, food is a wonderful thing, and the best thing you can do about it is to enjoy it. 

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