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Avurudu Litha 2017

The auspicious times for Sinhala and Tamil New Year, 2017.

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Avurudu is a wonderful time where most of Sri Lanka shuts down and restarts again, in matching outfits.

It's a time to go back to your roots, to be with family, or just do nothing. If you follow the traditions, these are the specific times to observe.

April 13th

  • 19:40 - This is the beginning of the inauspicious period (nonagatha) when you should do nothing. Yes, that means no phone time.

April 14th

  • 2:04 - This is the official dawn of the New Year, roughly half-way through the sun's astrological transit between Pisces and Aries (a process which, astronomically, actually takes much longer). You don't need to do anything specific at this time.
  • 5:41 - This is the time where you can light the first fire of the New Year and start preparing food. This year the auspicious food is kiribath, ghee, jaggery and sweets. 
    Wear gold clothing and face north.
  • 7:05 - This is the time when you can eat, and give gifts, and begin visiting neighbors.
    Wear blue and white clothing and face north.
  • 8:28 - This is the end of nonagatha, so it is OK to go back to regular life now. So take out your phone.

April 15th

  • 11:04 - Before your first bath of the New Year, you should wear blue, face north and keep nuga leaves on your head and karanda leaves under your feet. Then anoint your head with oil. After that you can bathe. That's all you have to do today.

April 16th

  • Nothing official to do today

April 17th

  • 6:28 - Early in the morning, you can eat kiribath mixed with curd, ghee and have a few sweets. Then you can set off to work.


Some people come back to work much later, and some people never come back at all.

However you celebrate or don't celebrate Avurudu, we hope it's a time of peace and togetherness for you. And kiribath.

Please share food with your neighbors of all castes and creeds, drive safe, and don't be a fireworks statistic.

Happy Avurudu from everyone at YAMU. We'll see you on the other side.

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