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Best Pork Curries In Colombo

YAMU's favourite pork curries in the city.

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Curry to your plate of buth, bite to your mouthful of beer - curried pork is something wonderful. If there is a war of flavours for pork-based dishes, we're pretty sure that Lankan's take on pork would be the champion. 
Be that as it may, finding a good pork curry is no easy task in Colombo. Sure, we have a gazillion number of buth kadeys here, but some of them don't do pork at all, a whole bunch of them serve fatty cuts of pork, without any meat, while the rest is left to deal with the massive demand of curried pork in the city. 
Which is why we decided to compile this list of best pork curries in town - so you can drop by the closest one. 

Curried Pork - Kaala Balan Maha Gedara

Kaala Balan Maha Gedara is in Ratmalana, but their pork curry is something that's worth going all the miles for. Wrapped in a chockfull of goraka and tamarind, it leans towards the sour side, and yet has a spicy kick provided by the sprinkle of pepper. Plus, it's mostly meat which is one of the many reasons why they get full points from us. 

Black Pork Curry with Yellow Rice - Machang 

In a city saturated with high-end bars with fancy cocktails, Machang is something of a Godsend. Smothered in a thick gravy packed with thunapaha, rampe, karapincha, goraka, pepper and garlic, Machang's black pork curry is one of the best in that kind. You can pair it with the yellow rice they provide on the side, or have your way with it by ordering a mugful of chilled beer. Either way, you'll be happy - we're sure of it. 

Curried Pork - Himsara Foods

One of the long-standing members of Colombo's plethora of buth kadeys, Himsara does a good pork curry. It's very keen on the balance of flavours - a little heat from the pepper, and sourness from goraka, along with lots and lots of curry, it binds nicely to the tender pieces of pork. However, they tend to include more fatty bits rather than meaty ones, especially if you're going for a late lunch. But, if you're into that, there's that. 

Kalupol Pork Curry - 1979

Known for being a delicious blend of roast coconut scrapes, and a number of spices (cumin seeds, dried chillis, and mustard seeds etc.), Kalupol is a superstar in Sri Lankan culinary fare. It is mainly used to thicken the gravies while adding so much flavour and texture to the dish. 

The Kalupol curry we tried at 1979 was well-executed, and having a good amount of nicely cooked pork pieces made it even better. This is a good one to pair your plate of sudu buth with, or even as a bite for your booze. 

Curried Pork - B-Leaf

This messy yet delectable plate of goodness has the pork curry. With plenty of meatiness to go around, it's cooked to retain the soft texture, easily falls apart, and is rich in spices, which would leave you wanting more. If you're around Boralasgamuwa and looking for pork, B-Leaf is a great option. 

Anything Pork - Praneetha

The meat central of the buth kadey scene in Colombo, Praneetha does pork curry in every Lankan way imaginable - curried, devilled, stewed, they've got them all. And, all of them are quite good - just go grab them! 

Curried Pork - Nelum Kole

Nelum Kole's pork curry didn't impress us initially, but our recent experience here totally changed our opinion about them. Cubes of pork enriched with a cocktail of thunapaha, ginger, garlic, goraka, tamarind, and lunu ambul, it's not very spicy, and lands on the sour side of things, but tastes incredibly good. Unlike before, they seem to get a good cut of pork now, which explains the small presence of fatty bits in the mix. 

Black Pork Curry - The Exchange Pub & Restaurant

Black Pork Curry with Roast Paan is simply one of the best combos you can hope for, and The Exchange Pub & Restaurant does a really good version of that. Boasting a rich peppery hit, the meat here is cooked to keep the firm rind in check, and has only a couple of fatty pieces which easily melt in your mouth. From what we gathered, now they serve it in a mati hatti

Curried Pork - Rasa Piyasa

Served with a light gravy, but tasting almost exactly like an authentic black pork curry, Rasa Piyasa's pork curry is brilliant if you're craving for one in Nugegoda area. It's mostly meat and the fatty content is almost non-existent, cooked right, with distinct sour hits of tamarind and goraka seeping through.

What's your favourite pork curry in the city? Do let us know in the comments. 

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