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Breakfast at Ceylon Tea Moments

Breakfast at Ceylon Tea Moments is absolutely spiffing.

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Health enthusiasts have probably heard the old adage "breakfast like a prince and dinner like a pauper." Well at Ceylon Tea Moments they tweak it a bit and let you indulge in breakfast fit for a king.

To make a long story short, you really haven't eaten breakfast till you've had breakfast at Ceylon Tea Moments. For just Rs. 850++ for the Big Western Breakfast you get a customisable three course breakfast along with a pot of great tea. There's a variety of other breakfast options to choose from including roast paan curry sandwiches in the Sri Lankan section.

Man Vs Tea

Round 1

While I was in school I remember being given a lecture that one should drink tea with the little finger sticking out while your thumb and other fingers delicately hold the teacup handle. Apparently not doing so is considered ungentlemanly and the height of unsophistication. Yep. I have Bachelors in Tea Parties. Don't worry, these were quite macho tea parties.

That being said, I was almost compelled to drink my choice of Ginger Tea, aptly named the Ginger Twist, with my pinky sticking out. Essentially a cup of ginger tea with pleasant bits of the ginger root inside, the Ginger Twist commands respect. The pot has enough tea for four to five cups, and it. My desired level of sweetness was with one and a half teaspoons of sugar. There's a pleasant sting of sweetness already rendered from the ginger. This was an absolute treat.

To start off the course you're given cereal with a choice of warm or cold milk. I opted for the latter. I'm not going to rave about what is essentially corn flakes and milk, but it's a healthy option which doesn't stuff you in time for the main course which is the star of the show.

Round 2

I'm a rather big dude, so usually sizeable portions are my bread and butter. I am embarrassed to admit I was defeated by a tea shop. A TEA SHOP.

The second course puts the 'Big' in the Big Western Breakfast. This breakfast includes (Deep Breath) two slices of toast, butter, jam, a massive omelette with tomatoes and onions tossed in, two grilled sausages, a grilled tomato, baked beans, a golden hash brown, and a large roll of succulent chicken chorizo. *drop mic*

I can' do I...what...breakfast?

I don't know where to begin. I couldn't finish the whole thing. The two grilled sausages were full of tender succulent sausage meat. It's quite moist and juicy and will easily put a smile on your face. I usually don't like omelettes...mostly because my surname rhymes with omelette and my buddies at school used to have a song that went a bit like "Bartlett the cutlet, eating an omelette". Don't get me wrong, I quite like cutlets, but usually omelettes are always idk - blech.

Ceylon Tea Moments seems to have converted me. The omelette with tossed up tomatoes and onions is persuasively delicious. Mixing it with grilled tomato creates an excellent experience for the tongue; the juiciness of the tomato mixing well with the egg. The hash brown was crumbed to golden perfection. Crispy and large it is downright tasty. My favourite however has to be the of chicken chorizo. Cooked well, with a pinch of salt the chorizo was an excellent addition to whatever grand mess I'd made of the omelette.

I'm ashamed to say I was too full to try everything else.

Round 3

Round 2 was like pitting a little child against a Mexican wrestler by the name of Libre Gonzales. Battered and bruised I didn't have time to flinch when the fruit platter arrived. I'm not big on fruits because I'm not a hippie. But you really can't help but appreciate the presentation. I guiltily snuck a few pieces of papaw, watermelon and apples. The pieces are legit fresh and a good end to an excellent meal.

Ceylon Tea Moments is heavily underrated, which is pretty good in one way 'cos at most times it's nearly empty. They have a cosy, although dark looking upstair lounge and an excellent lounge at the bottom. It isn't crowded, there are a few quiet Colombo aunties putting a small chat in a corner. It's pretty quiet, save the kitchen where you hear your food sizzling and sputtering over the grill. They even had Michael Jackson playing softly over the audio system which is an insta-win.

The staff are pretty efficient and pleasant. My order was out in under five minutes and things were pretty snappy.

Breakfast at Ceylon Tea Moments is so good US Presidential candidate Trump had this to say-

Oh...well shaddup Trump. No one likes you.

The After-Tea-Party

Breakfast and Tea at Ceylon Tea Moments is absolutely spiffing. I give them a pinky and two thumbs up.

Ps. If you're not into sausages and chorizo you can opt for other things for the exact same price. If you're not into western food, for about the same price you can grab yourself the Sri Lankan breakfast which has roast paan sandwiches I hear. Around 10AM is the final call for breakfast.

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