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Breakfast At Coi at dè Bungalow

We tried out the breakfast menu at Coi at dè Bungalow.

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"All good things must come to an end".
But, why?
Probably because they can come back with a bang, which is exactly the case of Coi by Vichalya
Owned by one of the most talented young chefs of our time, Coi by Vichalya was known for their Lankan styled Japanese fare. They closed down a few years ago, but now they're back, with an all-new menu, at the ever so beautiful Havelock Place Bungalow, and under a new name - Coi at dè Bungalow (await the review).
They have crafted three separate menus - and this particular post is dedicated to the breakfast spread.

Food & Drinks

The breakfast menu here has around six dishes, and every one of them is served with coffee or tea, and a glass of chilled king coconut. 

Featured here is the English Breakfast. Clocking in at Rs. 990, it came heavily laden with two sausages (chicken/beef, we opted to the latter), a hash brown, half of a grilled tomato, scrambled eggs (you can choose how you want your eggs), creamy mushroom and spinach, a toast, five more slices of toasted French bread on the side, tiny jars of wood apple jam, marmalade, and three cubes of Anchor butter.
Each and every element on this plate was well-executed. The sausages were cooked well, and soaked in a spicy sauce, while the bread was toasted to perfection, with a nice crunch to bite. Paired with some delicious homemade wood apple and marmalade jam, we devoured all the bread. The hash brown was chunky, and jam-packed with flavour, while the creamy mushroom - spinach mix was nicely seasoned with a teeny tiny pepper twist. 

We have no complaints against this one, except for the part which we didn't get any baked beans as promised on the menu, and no bacon (sigh!).
Veering off from the textbook recipes, the French Toast (Rs. 690) at Coi was stuffed with pineapple jam and cream cheese. Despite the not-so-brilliant presentation, it was absolutely mouthwatering.

The tarty and sweet notes of excellently prepared pineapple jam get a hold of your taste buds from the first bite, while the cream cheese slowly eases it in. It's a bit heavier than your usual French Toast, and which might fill you up like after like five, six bites. But don't give up - you'll regret it later. 

Service & Ambience

Surrounded by the lush greenery, and the calm, quiet vibe it brings, they've put together a beautiful al-fresco dining setup. It's well-tucked away from all the hustle and bustle of the road, so you will not feel like you're dining somewhere in the middle of Colombo.

In terms of service, we didn't run into any problems. It's a place that both locals and foreigners get treated alike. Our food arrived within 15 minutes, which is pretty impressive considering that the place was almost filled with customers (this photo was taken after they left, of course).


Everything here adds up to a perfect weekend brunch spot. Their prices aren't bad, the portions are quite hefty, and it's just the place to enjoy some fine breakfast at peace.

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