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Bubble Tea (from Which Way West)

Chewy little bubbly stuff in drinks.

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There's Bubble Tea in Colombo and it's glorious. 

And we say 'bubble tea' but it's not just tea either — you get iced milo, Oreo shakes, and a bunch of iced tea flavours bobbing with tapioca (or taro?) balls.

We chose three flavours, and settled on Iced- Milo, Passion Fruit Iced tea, and a Cafe Mocha (all bubble-infused). They're around Rs. 450, btw.

The iced Milo was half the office's favourite, but I'm a packeted Milo snob so I failed to see what the appeal was. This is like the Iced Milo you'd get in kades and all. Personally not a huge fan of the powdered malt version of the drink but given this one's popularity among my fellow YAMUites I'm assuming many others would like it too.

The Mocha flavoured one was too watery for any of our liking so it wasn't much of a success. We like our coffee flavourful and strong. In the meantime, their passion fruit iced tea was tangy, refreshing, and great.

It was light and quite strongly flavoured — probs not the most authentic for tea snobs, but this has my vote as far as a fun and cooling beverage goes.

The 'bubbles' btw, are like a dense and chewy jelly-like substance.

I tried their Lychee bubble tea as well, and it was just as good too. So far, the actual 'teas' are my favourite as opposed to the coffees and Milos (Oh, they have Matcha drinks as well!).

If you've checked out any of the others, hit us up in the comments and let us know how it was.


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