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Bye, YAMU!

Kinita says bye to YAMU, explains her posh wenna accent, talks about hot butter cuttlefish.

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Wassa YAMU readers!

As the 9 people who watch Friyay know, I'm leaving YAMU. After almost 3 years of reviewing, saying nonsense on videos, and being Editor, it's finally time to make a podi goodbye. I thought I'd leave with a little look at some of my favourite videos and articles over time. 

Things I Love!

This was difficult to compile because the list is pretty dang massive. The links will take you to things, events, and hot butter cuttlefishies that I absolutely adore in Sri Lanka. They've been a treat to write about, and an even greater treat to stuff my face with. 

Things That Made Me Sad

Women & Shizz

Over the years, I accidentally veered towards writing and acting out more and more stuff on issues women face across the privilege, size, shape, age spectrum. What else do us 1% feminazi types do with our lives anyway? Here are some of the things I was most passionate about.

Silly guides to life and love

Those are really my darling nuggets of gold in the piles of chocolate biscuit pudding, biriyani, and kalu pork I've written about over the years. It's been a stellar journey with a wonderful, constantly dynamic team, some hilarious readers who light up our live shows and site comments sections with their encouragement and kindness, and a lot of brilliant challenges that made it all worth it.

If you'd like to be a part of the magic, or simply fill a Kinita-shaped hole in YAMU, drop Indi and crew a line on and tell them why. Otherwise, please keep the maalu paan flag flying high and stay an ardent YAMU fan as I will. Later!

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