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Caramel Pumpkin - All New Menu!

Caramel Pumpkin is here, bigger and better!

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Your favourite neighbourhood coffee shop is now here with an updated menu that will sweep you off your feet! We love Caramel Pumpkin, not only because of their great food, but also because of the creativeness they had poured into every aspect, from the naming of the ice-creams and drinks, to the many puns adorning the walls. 

Now they're here with an extensive menu, consisting of crispy, mouthwatering sandwiches, cheesy (just like their puns) pastas, meaty, juicy wraps and of course, their amazing drinks! 

Their "Prawnstar" is their newest addition to their pasta range. Prawny as promised, this messy tangle of spaghetti was blushed with chilli flakes, white sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan, and also featured chunks of red chillies and we enjoyed every forkful of it! With their new "Make-Your-Own-Pasta" feature, you can go also all out, and create that perfect pasta dish that you had always craved for! 

You can try out the "Something Else", which we believe, is aptly named, or their

new and exciting Chicken Brap (i.e. Burger in a Wrap= Brap!),

and to refresh yourself, a "Mint To Be"!

This and a whole plethora of more dishes are available in their latest menu! 

Now that we have your attention and taste buds stimulated, drop in with your friends, family, co-workers (avoid your boss at any cost, unless you are negotiating your designation and or pay + bonus) and enjoy 20%  off your bill (valid for dine-in only and will not be combined with any other promotions running simultaneously). Please refer promo code CPYAMU as you walk into either the manager or the staff on duty prior to placing your order (starting today - 30th of October 2019). 

Click here, here and here for visual satisfaction (until you try the real thing).

Happy munching! 

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