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Now Serving - Caterina Pizza


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"Now Serving" is a paid feature that gives you a heads-up about a newly opened place in town, which is soon to be reviewed on YAMU. We usually review places, but here, we brief you about who they are, what they do and where they are at.

Introducing the latest addition to Colombo's Pizzerias - ladies and hungry men, we give you Caterina Pizzeria.

They've set up operations down Rheinland Place, Colombo 3. This family-run pizzeria has taken up the challenge to offer the types of pizza available on any street corner in Italy. Prepared in a traditional wood-fired oven, they offer a unique taste and experience with a thin, crispy crust, single size and unique toppings.

The interior has been set up in a manner to showcase the different cities in Italy. Planning a night out for a family reunion, a celebration with colleagues and or friends or your first date? Caterina Pizzeria offers the vibe and space for 123 pax. Here's a sneak peek on what to expect when you walk in... 

Upon discovering the pizzeria, we stumbled upon a menu that offers interesting standalone and or half and half combos that are a must if you are diehard Pizza fan. Plus point? It's BYOB and from what we gathered, their spicy toppings will be a hit with anyone who enjoys a glass of wine or two with your meal. 

Besides being non-operational on Fridays, the establishment's staff and the management will ensure your dining experience is pleasant and unforgettable. 

Our initial visit has been a delight. However, do keep an eye and ear out for the initial review on Caterina Pizzeria. 

Now that we have your attention, go ahead and grab your family and or friends and treat yourself to an authentic Italian pizza experience. We also love to hear about your experiences. 

Need more information and or to make a reservation, do feel free to contact them on the below-mentioned channels; 

Hotline -  +94 77 339 9942

Facebook -

Address  - 11, Rheinland Place, Colombo 3. 

Business hours - 4.30 pm to 10 pm (Closed on Fridays) 

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