15 Cheapest International Flights Out Of Sri Lanka - June 2016

The top 15 cheapest cities you can fly to from Colombo, as of June 2016. Get booking!

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Need a holiday? Too poor to do summer in Paris like those sinister ministers' kids on Instagram? Here's our list of the cheapest cities to fly to from Colombo (because we're just going to go ahead and ignore Mattala, the way flights do). To know which of these countries are visa-free, check out our previous post here.

These are return flight details and prices are over the next year, and are liable to change. We've collated the cheapest locations here, as of 02/06/2016: 

1. Bandung, Indonesia

15,338 LKR // April 2017

With its relatively cool climate and abundance of Dutch colonial architecture and art deco buildings, Bandung is a pretty popular locale for tourists in Jakarta. They also have a popular volcano, no surprise there! 

*this flight price appears to have jumped considerably in a couple of days, so you might want to confirm the total you're getting.

2. Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

15,993 LKR // June 2016

KL is a superb melting pot of Asian cuisine, whether it's at Chinatown or Imbi Market. You'd probably have to see the ginormous Petronas Towers too, one of Asia's biggest twin overcompensations.

3. Chennai, India

16,382 LKR // July 2016

Shopping for saris? Shopping for jewellery? Shopping for pretty much anything involving a wedding? Chennai's your go-to spot. There's also quite a bit of culture if you choose to look for it. 

4. Madurai, India

16,402 LKR // July 2016

An ancient city in the deep South of India, Madurai is an inexhaustible site of historical sites and Hindu culture. If you or your family are Hindus or appreciate the historical significance of ancient Dravidan architecture, Madurai's temples are a must-see.

5. Male, Maldives

19,456 LKR // June 2016

Pristine white sands, sparkling azure waters, and lush hotel-islands wherever you go, paradise via the Maldives is an easy peasy hour away. Flights are cheap, but posh hotels are not, so get ready to shell out there. 

6. Singapore

21,343 LKR // June 2016

Stellar fine dining, endless entertainment, impeccable luxury, and plenty to do. Singapore is arguably the region's most cosmopolitan city, if you've got the moolah to hold your own.

7. Doha, Qatar

25,174 LKR // June 2016

Its undulating skyline and blindingly reflective skyscrapers make Doha the new Dubai. Check out the Souq Waqif, or one of the area's massive shopping malls, and get lost in what Doha has to offer. 

8. Kuwait

26,380 LKR // September 2016

Less bling than the other Middle Eastern states, Kuwait is equally oil-rich. There are plenty of museums and cultural sites to keep you occupied and out of the baking hot desert sun. 

9. Bahrain

26,418 LKR // October 2016

A kingdom-island, Bahrain has quite a few resorts that would put Asia's to shame. It's a lot more culturally open and less strict than its neighbours, so you may feel more at ease on a shopping trip here. 

10. Kunming, China

27,778 LKR // June 2016

Kunming is a hotbed for tourists, with lots of beautiful sites like the Stone Forest, Green Lake, and Dragon Gate. It's kinda difficult to get a visa though, unless you're on official Lankan government business.

11. Bangkok, Thailand

27,848 LKR // June 2016

Bangkok is one of Asia's craziest and most vibrant cities. The nightlife is incomparable, and the city's reputation for partying is well-deserved. It is also home to a lot of ancient culture and architecture though, so try and work in a balance. 

12. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

28,838 LKR // October 2016

With beautiful French colonial architecture, and heaps of quirky history to it, the city commonly known as Saigon is a lovely mix of culture, history, and excitement. It's around 6-7 hours away from Colombo, so this might be better suited for a longer stay. 

13. Muscat, Oman

28,351 LKR // June 2016

Muscat has a great mix of modern bling via lush malls, and ancient architecture like 16th century Portuguese forts. 

14. Dubai, UAE

28,388 LKR // October 2016

If you live in Sri Lanka, chances are you've already been to Dubai. The original pioneer of oil-rich fancypants architecture and luxury tourism, Dubai is the spot to go to if you're looking for incredible fine dining, and to gaze at swank cars.

15. Phuket, Thailand

28,403 LKR // June 2016

With some of the world's most breathtaking beaches, Phuket is trying to shake off its strong party reputation with a lot more sustainable tourism. You'll still find some unspoiled beaches, and lovely views straight out of a James Bond movie.  

These prices won't last too long, so get booking!