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Cheese Delivery Services In Colombo

Shops that deliver cheese to your doorstep.

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I'm a big-time turophile, so cheese is a big part of my life. I like it on my pasta, pizza (duh!), toast, pastry, bagels or even to dip in my chips, fries and many other snacks. Cheese is good for us for a number of reasons - like the rich protein (and other nutrients) content and the ability to increase metabolism.
But most of all, it makes me happy! 
So if you're someone like me, here are 6 places in the city that deliver cheese to your doorstep, even during this pandemic. If we've missed any, do let us know in the comments section.


Kremeux specialises in homemade cream cheese, neatly presented in jars. They keep it super organic, with zero artificial flavours and preservatives. At the moment, they have four varieties - Original, Garlic & Herb, Kaaramiris and Krusty Krab. From what we gathered, these goodies work well on salads, pasta, bagels, toasts and even on curries and as dipping sauces.

Kremeux delivers to locations within Colombo 01 - 15, and its immediate suburbs. 

  • How to order: DM on Instagram
  • Accepts cash on delivery and bank transfers


Ciao is a cheesemaker in Nugegoda, focused on producing premium, European-quality cheese products. From chewy Buffalo Mozzarella and tangy Feta to sharply-flavoured Ricotta and good old Cheddar, they have a good selection of high-quality cheese here. I've tried their fresh mozzarella on homemade pasta, and for me, it's by far the best of that kind I've encountered in the local market.

  • How to order: available on PickMe Marketplace

LUXE Colombo

LUXE Colombo features an impressive collection of excellent quality, imported cheese in their online store - In fact, it's the biggest cheese selection we've come across. You'll be able to find some good Grana Padano, Brie, Dutch Cheese, Emmental, Pecorino Romano and many more.

Plus, their ordering process is quite hassle-free. I've been ordering from them for almost a year now, and my products always arrive on time, placed inside eco-friendly bags. They offer free delivery in Colombo and suburbs and offer same-day delivery for orders placed before 10.00 AM. Otherwise, the products will be delivered to you within 24 hours.

Maia Cheese

Maia Cheese has been around for over 3 years now. They started their journey in Goa, India, and later on, established a manufacturing outlet in Sri Lanka. It's another good place to purchase some good, artisanal European-style cheese, including Halloumi, Smoked Mozzarella, Blue Cheese and Goat Feta.

Cheese Kade

A cheese shop based in Kiribathgoda, Cheese Kade also delivers imported cheese. They guarantee delivery within 24 hours. 

  • How to order: WhatsApp 0778908085
  • Accepts cash on delivery and bank transfers

Park Street Gourmet

Park Street Gourmet has a fridge full of top quality imported cheese, which you can get your hands on without even having to visit the shop.

How to order: visit, PickMe Food, or directly call them at 0114333505

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