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CheeseHeads Colombo; A Cheesy Affair At Your Doorstep

Say cheese!

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*This post is brought to you by CheeseHeads Colombo.

As far as the best bets for burgers go, CheeseHead is right up there! CheeseHeads’ post-lockdown delivery menu is on point, gives great value and features a novelty offered nowhere else in town; a cheese-focused affair.

With the temporary closure of their One Galle Face Mall outlet, CheeseHeads now serves its distinct cheese-based cuisine from their commercial kitchen in Colombo 05. We got the opportunity to try out a bunch of stuff on their menu to sample.

They’ve got a neat set of combo meal options featuring their Chicken Cheese Burger, Beef Cheese Burger or the Veggie Cheese Burger, along with Curly Fries and the Nai Miris Dip.

Decadent and flavourful, the Chicken Cheese Burger had a freshly grounded patty oozing out with mozzarella cheese. It's all home-made, and the hearty slice of smoked cheese and CheeseHead’s very own Nai Miris Mayo truly complemented the flavours of the patty.

The Beef Cheese Burger featured well-textured patty, freshly grounded to perfection. The cheese lent a beautiful smoky flavour which paired well with the charred beef. Oh, and the slices of freshly cut tomato and the crispy iceberg lettuce leaves added an all-American feel to this juicy burger, along with a very Lankan touch contributed by the nai miris mayo.

The Kochchi Sausage and Halloumi Cheese Skewers Combo Meal with Curly Fries and Nai Miris Sauce is one of their best selling sides. The curly fries were super crispy and had a nice savoury coating to it. Paired with the citrus and chilli burst of their nai miris dip, it really packs a punch! 

There's a lovely mix of spices covering the grilled Halloumi, adding an extra layer of flavours to its natural tangy, smoky quality. The sausages were juicy and packed an intense kochchi hit as we bit into it.

CheeseHeads is all about the diversity of flavours, which we could observe and taste through their Veggie Burger as well. Cushioned in between a light, fluffy bun, grilled halloumi, smoked cheese, fresh tomato, lettuce, and their secret nai miris mayo, every bit of this burger is a piquant burst. The soft, chewy texture of the halloumi ensures this can be enjoyed even by non-vegetarians.

Combining American, Mediterranean, and Sri Lankan influence through the medium of cheese, CheeseHeads’ delivery menu is compact, economical and a must-try. 

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