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Cimply Yummy - Revolutionising Your Bacon Experience

Cimply Yummy = Bacon.

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*This post is sponsored by Cimply Yummy.

Cimply Yummy needs no introduction. It's the bacon-hub in Colombo.

Why, you ask?

Well, pretty much everything on their menu features a good dose of bacon, that's why! They take the popular staples, add their bacon-ised twist, and whip up some magic - Bacon Cheese Kottu, Bacon Chilli Fried Rice, Bacon Nasi Goreng and so much more! 

Started off on the 30th of December 2018, Cimply Yummy's first branch was in Ethul Kotte, which now they've relocated to Jubilee Post. The word got out about their bacon cheese kottu, and it took only a few weeks for the hungry bundies to line up at their doors.  Due to this high demand, they managed to open their new branch in Colombo 10 last year. 

So this time around, the makers of the Bacon Cheese Kottu is crafting up three new delicious treats - the CheeZZagna, Bacon & Pork Chop suey Rice and Bacon & Pork Mixed Grill. Being loyal patrons of  Cimply Yummy, we had the opportunity to have a taste of these goodies before they take permanent residence on the menu. 

The CheeZZagna

The name, CheeZZagna is derived as follows.

"Chee - like duh!!! The layers of cheese

ZZ - the pizza topping taste you get

Agna - layers concept in lasagna"

Interesting stuff, isn't it?

3 pretty layers of cheese wrapped up with two layers of highly-dense bacon (or any other meat) kottu, this CheeZZagna is Cimply Yummy's rendition of Sri Lankanised Lasagna. To make it even more flavoursome, they top it off with more bacon, parsley and oregano. 

It's all your favourite things, creating an incredibly smoky, cheesy affair!

Bacon & Pork Chop suey Rice

Forget all the veg/chicken/seafood chop suey you've had to date because this Bacon & Pork Chop suey Rice by Cimply Yummy is packed with porky goodness! 

Comprised of 100 grams of pork and 200 grams of bacon, this chop suey has an assortment of colourful veggies, and served with a generous portion of fluffy egg rice. Fantastic!

Bacon & Pork Mixed Grill

Trust me, this Bacon & Pork Mixed Grill is all you need for your next podi adiya at home.

Featuring 200 grams of bacon, 100 grams of pork, 3 chicken sausages, 1 bullseye with grilled bell pepper, pineapple and other vegetables, it's probably what our dreams are made of.

This is actually a customisable dish, which means you can adjust each content on the platter as you like. Super convenient! 

What Else?

Aside from these, Cimply Yummy offers many other delicacies for you to devour - like Chicken 66 (Chicken 65, their way), Bacon Cheese Omelette (a folded omelette stuffed with cheese and 100 grams of bacon), Mongolian Prawn Rice (a spicy rice mixed with bits of cabbage, kangkung, carrot, leeks and prawns), Bacon Garlic Rice (a garlicky rice gushed with bits of bacon) and Seafood Chilli Rice (a rice so rich with chopped up red and green chillies along with the flavours of the sea), to name a few. 

Mr. Chaminda Senarathne, the Executive Chef is the man behind all these wonders they whip up in the kitchen. He is always open for experiments and loves to dance with the ingredients to make something unique, while ensuring to add Cimply Yummy's unique touch to them.

Having the chance to make your own kottu/rice would be the coolest feature at Cimply Yummy's menu. They've got a wide array of ingredients (cashew, chicken meatballs, cuttlefish, bacon, chicken, fish, sausages, egg - bullseye, egg - mixed, pork, kochchi, creamy Milk - for kottu only) which you can mix and match as you see fit.

Due to the COVID-19 situation in Sri Lanka, Cimply Yummy is catering to pickup and delivery only. Should your bacon-based cravings need to be satisfied without stepping out of your door, check them out on PickMe Food and Uber Eats. Or, give a call to any of the following numbers.

Hotline: 0704333444

Jubilee Post Number: 0112874010

Colombo 10: 01122056767

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