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Coffee Lovers, Assemble!

Wake up and learn about your coffee!

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It was supposed to be another ordinary Saturday for me. Probably sleep in late after binge-watching my favourite moments from FRIENDS and or another TV series that's worth considering comic relief in HD. 

For those of you who love to wake up and smell the coffee, here's an opportunity, especially if you are a caffeine addict and need some insight into the art of preparing the perfect brew and information on the industry.

A friend and fellow artist who I have known for a while added me to a FB group, well aware that I drink, breathe and dream of coffee.

Tharanga's love for coffee started brewing in 20o4 whilst pursuing higher studies in the UK and being employed at Cafe Nero. In 2017,  Tharanga and his wife started The Cauldron. However, the passion to learn about speciality coffee began about a year ago and Tharanga also decided to launch Coffee Saturday @ The Cauldron with the intention of sharing his knowledge of coffee. 

Coffee lovers in Sri Lanka are invited to a sharing session, aimed at developing a community of coffee lovers who have a knowledge and appreciation for the art of coffee and the processes which get it from bean to cup.

The session delivers interesting information, with an interactive session with a small and focused group.

It is also a networking space for coffee lovers to learn and interact.

P.S. - I completed this post whilst enjoying a double espress0 prepared from the Code Black Coffe beans. 

Wanna join in the fun and knowledge sharing (whilst letting go of your Saturday morning sleep)?

Hit them up via;

Telephone - 0112366243
email -
Instagram - the_cauldron_sl

Meanwhilst, happy caffeinating folks!

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