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Colombo, Y U No Go To Casa?

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Why don't more people go to Casa Colombo? It's got one of the city's coolest bars, the design is great and it's actually quite affordable. The place is by no means empty like it used to be, but it's still not quite as full as you'd expect.

Savan wrote a recent review, saying it was good to see Casa back in business. This is true - the place is certainly doing far better than it used to and seems to have a healthy inflow of hotel guests - but in terms of the Colombo nightlife circuit, why doesn't this bizarrely beautiful building feature more prominently?

We're not sure. It seems odd when you consider what a stylish and sexy venue Casa is, be it for dining, drinking or spending the night. It's a delightfully eclectic place - a sort of wonderland for adults.

The newly relaunched bar, called Zaza, is an elegant glass cube located in the garden area, furnished with lit up see-through plastic cushions and a wide bar with a titillating graphic spread across it. Just outside Zaza is a large fire, which at first glance looks like it's actually inside the bar, though this is just the reflection on the glass. It's a great place, and you could spend a lovely evening here sipping on Pimms while seated on a bright, lit-up cushion.

But the last couple of times we've gone to Casa there's only been a handful of people scattered between Zaza and the alfresco tea section, T Republic that's located next to it. If there were more people here, this would without a doubt be one of Colombo's coolest places to go. It has everything - but it just needs that little lift in atmosphere that only a larger, livelier clientele can provide.

We'd really like to see this happening - Casa is a beautiful, interesting place, and it deserves to be frequented. Frequently.

You can get a really excellent pot of coffee (enough for two cups for two people) for just Rs. 200 - this is honestly one of the best and cheapest coffees we've had in Colombo - and tasty tapas, all between Rs. 250 and Rs. 500.

We plan on going to Casa a lot more, we hope you do too.
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