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Earth Friendly Products For Everyday Use

If you are a home-maker who is eco conscious and are looking for alternatives for your home and kitchen, here are a…

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Ecological sustainability is one of present day's biggest challenges. Whether you are a homemaker, a corporate, whether in your household or office, wherever we are - being conscious of the things we discard, the things we trash should be foremost on our mind as we help to clean out the mess plastics and non bio degradables make on the earth.

Cheesy and corny as this may sound, the fact remains: we only have this one earth to call home and it is our duty to take out the trash. Here we have compiled a list of places that make our homes, offices and places we eat from  - earth friendly. You'd do yourself and the earth a favour by investing and replacing your plastics with the following.

Ananta Sustainables

Ananta Sustainables provides earth friendly packaging solutions with their biodegradable lunch boxes, compostable lunch sheet alternatives, forks, spoons and straws. 

Cally Re Usable Bags

You can get your reusable grocery bags from Cally Re Usable Bags. The grocery bag combo pack is a good solution for polythene free grocery shopping.
Phone: 777 138 182

The Waffle Boy

When throwing parties, and if you are considering serving ice cream or puddings, you can contact Waffle Boy who manufactures edible spoons and cups.


Trickledown is one of those places where you'd happily part with all your pennies. They have stationery, diaries, packaging solutions, gift wrapping papers, gift boxes, and fancy photo frames. Everything is earth friendly, and everthing is pretty.
Phone: 712 735 696


Your plastics are evil (you should know this minor fact by now). Take your toothbrush for instance. Your dentist recommends that you should replace your toothbrush once every two months. That's a lot of toothbrushes for every human being on this planet that end up in landfill every year. One plastic toothbrush takes about 400 years to decompose. 

Bhumi has an alternative solution - they provide bamboo toothbrushes, wooden cotton swabs, (and try this out for a tongue twister) stainless steel straws.

Planet Lover

Planet Lover replaces your styrofoam plates with 100% ecofriendly areca nut plates. They also have wooden toothbrushes as an alternative to plastic ones.
Phone: 777 339 794

Simply Eco Sri Lanka

Simply Eco Sri Lanka has eco-friendly bamboo spoons, straws, forks, and knives and a bunch of other stuff including cloth grocery bags.

Green Choice Lanka 

Green Choice Lanka has alternatives for plastic and styrofoam plates. Their kolapath plates (Areca leaf) are available in 6”, 8” and 10”. They also have bags, kitchen utensils and straws.

You can recommend other places to help us if we haven't included your store in this list. Now, go forth and multiply earth friendly products in your home and work spaces.

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