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eCigarettes In Sri Lanka

E-cigs in Colombo.

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Editor's Note: eCigarettes are not for children and the nicotine kind are not any less addictive than their leaf counterparts. eCigs are best used as a way to quit smoking or, with the non-nicotine cartridges, for adult recreation.

Quitting smoking is hard. Quitting smoking in Sri Lanka is harder. Nicotine gum is difficult to come by and nicotine patches are almost non-existent. A few places like Toby's Estate in  Mount Lavinia keeps refills in stock and Quickee also tends to have it from time to time.

The e-Cig

It's called the Logic Power Series. The starter kit costs Rs. 3,999, and comes with the e-Cigarette, two cartomisers (that’s the fancy word for the flavour cartridge) and a USB charger. One cartomiser is equal to two packs of cigarettes. Refills are Rs. 3,990 for a four-pack.

A single charge will get you through a day if you’re a heavy-medium smoker, which is nice.

The Experience

It’s not “just like lighting up,” but it gets pretty close. The smoke (which is really water vapour) isn’t really thick, but the taste is quite similar. The Tobacco flavoured cartomiser packs a punch (Imagine leaving a Benson and Hedges smoke out to dry for a week, then lighting it up in Hambantota, on a dry day.) The menthol one is light a very-light menthol, or a Dunhill Switch after about five drags.

As for the nicotine kick, which is the main reason for people to smoke, the Logic Power delivers that. Three puffs into a “smoke”, the nicotine craving is satisfied and you’re good to go. The device is a bit heavy, which makes holding it a bit awkward for starters, but after a while you get used to it.

The end of the cigarette lights up in blue when you inhale, which might be too bling-bling for some people’s taste.


Refills are much more inexpensive than smoking regular cigarettes. A 20-pack of Dunhill lights cost Rs. 640, meaning five cartomisers’ worth of Dunhills would cost Rs. 6,400. So, this is much cheaper.

If you’re too lazy to step out of the house, then Quickee’s Smoker’s Lounge delivers the starter kit, menthol cartomisers, and tobacco cartomisers.


Can smoke in your car, and doesn’t smell. Doesn’t smell period. Also, no tar and other dangerous chemicals. Can put down after three/four puffs, unlike a cigarette that you have to either finish or throw away.


Heavy. Looks a bit weird. Might end up smoking more, since the cartomiser is about two packets.

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