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FIFA World Cup 2014 Finals (Sri Lanka Times)

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It is upon us. The final two weeks of play. All of the matches are at 9:30 PM or 1:30 AM Sri Lanka time, with the exception of the final. That's at 00:30 AM.


You can watch on channel Star Six on Dialog, Channel Eye on Terrestrial, or online at, once you install the ZenMate plugin for Chrome and pretend you're in England.

Places to watch in Colombo are the Hilton (Il Ponte) and The Kingsbury and by now the other hotels should be in on the game. Try the Cinnamon Grand as well. Also Colombo Courtyard

Bar/restaurant wise, Santore has been showing matches, as has Cheers, Manchester and even the Kama nightclub. You should be able to watch the finals all over.

We made predictions last time but they were terribly wrong. What the hell, we'd love to see Brazil and Costa Rica in the finals. Let's call that a wish, not a prediction. Enjoy the matches!
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