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Fine Dining At Home - Colombo's Fanciest Dishes To Your Doorstep

Five fancy restaurants available on PickMe Food.

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*Brought to you by PickMe Food. 

Whether it be a tough day at work, too hot/cold to go out, or couldn't care less to chop up a bunch of ingredients for a meal, Food deliveries are something of a Godsend. However, your options here can be limited, especially if you're looking for something incredibly fancy. I mean, every once in a while, you deserve a treat from you, to yourself for all the hard work you've done - am I right?

So forget your usual cheese kottu and chicken fried rice for a moment and get the luxurious upgrade on your dining with these high-end restaurants - available for delivery on PickMe Food. 

TGI Friday's

It's not Friday yet, but craving for Jack Daniels-slathered meats? Look no further than TGI Friday's. This well known New York food franchise does a superb plate of Fish and Chips too, which has been consistently good over the years. 

Steuart by Citrus

Known for their juicy pork racks smothered with BBQ sauce, and one of the richest apple pies in the city, along with some boozy cocktails, Steuart by Citrus is a high-end pub in Fort if you're looking for partying with your buddies. However, with PickMe Food at your fingertips, now you can bring that party to your home - but no booze, sorry! (unless you buy it separately).

rare Bar + Kitchen (Uga Residence)

Brilliantly blending local ingredients with international technique, rare is one of Sri Lanka's best shots at fine dining. They recently revamped their menu, and still manage to do a good job bringing local cuisine to international level, instead of copying the international cuisines wholesale. We highly recommend their Tender Pork Spare Ribs and Mushroom Risotto. 

The Gallery Cafe

One of those perpetually hip spots in Colombo, The Gallery Cafe has been serving up an excellent spread of different fares for almost two decades now. From Western, and Italian to Asian and Sri Lankan, their dishes are well executed, and absolutely delicious. We quite enjoyed the Coq Au Vin - the French-inspired chicken dish braised with wine, mushrooms, garlic. 

Next Innings

A venture by the popular triad - Chef Dharshan Munidasa, Mahela Jayawardena and Kumar Sangakkara, Next Innings is a vital member in Colombo's sports bar scene. Their range of Neapolitan pizza is truly one of a kind for two reasons - A) the ingredients they use are of high quality, and B) they cook it from the world's only leather ball mosaic-tiled pizza oven. How cool is that?

If that doesn't interest you, make sure you give a shot at their Mutton Roll that is jam-packed with curried mutton. It's probably the most expensive roll in town, but it's massive, delicious and absolutely filling. 

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