Fire Starter (Nai Miris Sauce)

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Eden Nai Miris

The Nai Miris is a spicy bundle of joy/pain. This squat green or red chili is really, really spicy. The heat on this one really hits you and lingers. Sometimes if you cut a kochi and wash your hands you're still not safe. Touch your eyes and you'll be in pain.

Eden Nai Miris

But this is a really good pain. Nai Miris adds a unique taste and spiciness to almost any type of food and we were very happy to find it available in paste form at the Good Market in Battaramulla.

Eden Foods sells a bottle called Fire Starter which gives you that tasty burn in a jar. It's good with, well, anything. Salad dressing, dipping cold cuts in, in curries, whatever.

Not cheap at Rs. 400 but we simply haven't seen this product anywhere else. It's worth a buy. As mentioned, available at the Good Market in Battaramulla on Thursdays (from 12 noon to 8 PM).

This post originally referred to the chili as kochi, but nai miris is actually a different thing.