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YAMU Loves: Fruity Sauces By Homie Pickle

Homie Pickle does excellent fruity sauces now.

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We usually review places, but in this YAMU Loves feature we'll highlight some of our favourite food and drink around the city.

Homie Pickle is a home-based venture that we came across a few months back. Specialised in Lankan style pickle and chutney bottles, they were an instant hit among us YAMU folks. Which is probably why we were super stoked to hear about their newest product - fruity sauces. 
Sri Lanka is a blessed, fruitful island. We have a sheer range of delicious and interesting tropical fruits, but despite that, we seem to stick to the store-bought tomato/chilli and hot sauces. They're not bad in terms of flavour, but unfortunately, most of them are infused with a truckload of preservatives, which draw them to the unhealthy side of things. 
Veering off from all that, Homie Pickle has been able to whip up two fruity sauces - Annasi (Pineapple) and Mango-Kochchi (Mango and Bird Chilly), and we're all for them! 

How To Order

*Pictured above - Annasi Sauce (left) and Mango & Kochchi Sauce (right)

As of now, these goodies are available on and We got ours through the latter, and the delivery fee to Nugegoda was Rs. 190. From what we gathered, they're soon to be available at Herbs & Petals store in Orion City as well. 

The Sauces

The spiciest out of the two, Homie Pickle's Annasi Sauce (Rs. 530) has a lighter texture than the Mango-Kochchi one. 
Incredibly smooth in texture, it perfectly captures the natural sweet, sour and fruity notes of the pineapple, and combines them with a wave of spiciness; which would awash your tastebuds with an explosion of flavours.

We highly recommend this as a salad dressing, and it's ideal to glaze pork and chicken for grilling too. Plus, imagine how good this would be on a Hawaiian style pizza! Yum! Priced at Rs. 480, the Mango & Kochchi Sauce (Rs. 480) has a smooth, yet comparatively thicker and heavier texture. 
In here, the natural tart and fruity hints of the mango would grab your attention first, while the signature spicy kicks of the kochchi miris ease it inDrizzling this over your homemade Kochchi Hot Dog would certainly bring its flavours to the next level. From what we've seen so far, it's good with pasta and noodles too. 


This is the first time we're seeing Lankan style fruity sauces in Sri Lanka, and they're Homie Pickle's gift for the season. With friends and family coming together to celebrate this merry month, you can treat them to a superb meal with these fruity sauces. We're absolutely loving them, and we're sure that you'd too. 

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